Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

~ I am in a serious blogging/commenting funk. I have half written posts in my draft folder. I have a list of posts that I want/need to start. Yet, when I sit down at night to write, I just stare at a blank screen.

~ I never thought I'd enjoy Twitter as much as I do. Had I known how much fun everyone was having, I would have joined earlier, lol.

~ There are several things going on in my head, right now. Just a lot going on. Which I want to get out, but don't really want to put on a public blog.

~ Busy. That is my life, right now. My car hasn't been washed in weeks (which I've been really good about doing since I got the car), all of my spaces are cluttered and dusty, and I am so worn out at the end of the day that I have to force myself to get up early just to work out.

~ I'm being a whining weiner. I know this.

~ Next week is our Radiothon. And, while I'm so excited, I also am unprepared in a lot of ways. I need to shut myself up in my office and refuse to talk to anyone until I get my stuff for this Radiothon together.

~ Next week is also Singles' Awareness Day. Blech.

~ However, I still want to see 'The Vow.' Because despite the fact I get grumpy on Valentine's Day, I actually am a hopeless romantic who loves sappy movies like that.

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LWLH said...

If I was still in FL I would def. be taking you on a girl date to see The Vow...I can't wait to see it.