Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

How is it the last week of June already? No, really, how did this happen? 2012 - SLOW DOWN!!!


Last week, I went hog wild. I am NOT a shopper. Period. However, about once or twice a year, I will get a shopping bug. It happened last week. Thanks to NY&Company's "Big, Big Sale" I now have a ridiculous amount of new work clothes and all for a decent price. And, thanks to Old Navy's constant low prices, I have a ridiculous amount of summer casual clothes. Again, all for a decent price.

I am all about decent pricing, people.


Saturday night, my former intern and current friend N and I went to see Josh Turner at Universal. We were told a million times that we were crazy because it was supposed to storm, but it absolutely did not. We were happy :)


It did not rain Saturday, but it did rain ALL. DAY. yesterday. During church, the rain was so heavy that there were times it was tough to hear our pastor. It was kind of magical, though.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, it is supposed to rain all day today, as well.

So, clearly it would be a great idea to get all dolled up for work, right?


My cousin is moving to Florida. And, it actually seems like it is going to happen, this time, lol.

May I say that I am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. by this possibility?

We have never lived in the same state. I will be able to drive to her house whenever I want and she is obligated by blood to let me in.


I started a new fitness class a couple weeks ago. I do not actually want to post what it is, because I fear that it will lead to all sorts of weirdos finding me through a G**gle search.

Let's just say that firemen use these, but it is only women in the class. Also, let me be clear that I am wearing the same thing I would wear to any gym (and so is everyone else).

And? It is the hardest workout of my life. My arms, legs, and abs are sore for days.


Confession - I am SO not a fan of the whole online dating thing. I am still trying, because I paid for three months. But, it is just so, so weird.


I bet you didn't know this, but during the summer in Florida buildings are FREEZING. I once read an article about appropriate work clothing during the summer..... it said that the South has less issues with people wearing too little at work because the A/C is cranked up so much.

This is even more true during a heavy storm. It gets cold.

Hence, after church and lunch yesterday, I spent the rest of the day in sweats, a long-sleeved tee, and socks.


I saw 'Brave' on Friday. So, so cute. I just love Disney movies.

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Melissa said...

HAHAHA - this was cute. I love the cousin part "she has to let me in". :)

Oh man! Y'all be safe! I thought Debby was headed here but as of this morning was told it's mainly hitting Florida instead.