Friday, June 8, 2012

A Rant Of Sorts

Hi. I'm Jess and I'm annoyed.

Quick catch-up....... FD and I finally had "the talk." I told him how I felt. Only, it was two weeks too late. Because he had decided to "try to figure things out" with Brown Shirt Girl. He "had no clue that we were even a possibility." He "didn't think you were an option." 

Therefore, he "needs to give this a chance" with BSG. He "can't give you a thought right now because I just told BSG that I would see where things could go with her." He wants to "keep things the same between us and just see what happens."

Well, that was officially a month ago. And, he is still dating her.

So, I did what any normal girl would do.

I signed up for

Because, while he is "figuring things out" with someone else, I'm not going to sit around and wait.

And, now I'm freaking annoyed.

So far, I've been matched up with a former creepy coworker and then two days later I got matched up with my friend's "off" coworker.

I'm currently emailing with about six different (seemingly) non-creepy, non-off guys.

It is exhausting.

I have to read through their profiles before I email them back to make sure I'm not confusing them with someone else.

Then, I go back over our emails to make sure I'm not replying to something that someone else said in an earlier email, by mistake.

*Stomps Foot*

I do not like this. This is why I hate dating. This is why I've never been one to be interested in more than one guy at a time.

After "The Guy", I finally found a guy that I liked. We are friends. We have fun together. We are both fairly attractive people. We make each other laugh. We comfort one another when we're upset. We have the ability to be both serious and flirty with one another.

So, why in the heck am I on while he is "figuring things out" with Brown Shirt Girl?!?!?!

*Crosses Arms and Pouts*


Gina said...

Yay for Match! Stick with it...I know so many people who met their soulmates on there!

PaigeR530 said...

I know one girl who met her husband on Hope you have the same experience. You deserve only the best.

LWLH said...

He doesn't deserve your time if you can't make the time for you right now.

I say stick with Match, maybe Mr. Right will come along.