Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 on Tuesday

Hi all! I hope you had a glorious 4th of July weekend! Mine was great.... I have lots of fun stuff from the weekend to share, but it might have to wait. We still have family in town, so blogging (or, more like organizing my thoughts and pictures into a post to blog) isn't as high on my radar.

Still, I do have a few thoughts.... Ten, in fact.

1) So, a couple weeks ago, a coworker was complaining about how hot it is outside during remotes. (Imagine that.... Hot outside during the summer in Florida.) She wanted management to buy portable A/C units to take to remotes. Yep. After it was shot down in a meeting, my boss goes, "Hey, Jess. I've been thinking about an ongoing problem we've been having and may have found a solution. Tell me what you think."

He proceeded to plop the following onto my desk....

I almost peed myself, laughing.

2) Speaking of peeing myself, I watched 'Identity Thief' for the first time last night. Hysterical.

3)  I'm *LOVING* this season's 'So You Think You Can Dance'...... Already, I'm completely invested in most of the dancers. I only have about two people that I wouldn't be sad to see leave.

This was my favorite dance last week. Just so much fun!

4) Have you been watching 'Big Brother'? My, my, have those houseguests worked everyone into a tizzy.... and, it's only Week TWO.

Personally, I can't stand Aaryn or Jeremy. Can't wait until they are gone.

Here's the thing..... year after year, there are 'politically incorrect' things said in the house. This year, however, has made national news. I think this is for a couple reasons....... first, the houseguests (unknowingly since they have been in sequester) are saying this at a time when racial tensions are at a high between the Paula Deen debacle and the Zimmerman/Martin trial. Second, most of the time when racists/homophobic/anti-religion comments are made, they are made out of complete ignorance or are made during/following a fight. Not that saying things like that are EVER appropriate, but it's usually an ignorance or heat of the moment situation. These people are saying these things in general conversation about the NICEST people in the house. I mean, Helen has to be one of the sweetest people I've ever seen on that show besides Jordan.

Anyway, some of the houseguests are in for a seriously rude awakening when they exit.

5) I'm on the Recovery Week of Insanity. Such a nice workout. When Shaun T says not to push it, I almost want to kiss my TV screen.

6) I was invited to a sneak peak Media Party for the opening of the new Transformers ride at Universal. Heidi was my Plus One and we had so much fun. They had a Dessert Bar..... we may or may not have sampled everything on it.

 Also, the guy that is the voice of Optimus Prime stopped in during the cocktail party portion of the evening. Looks nothing like I imagined, lol......

7) A (not so nice) coworker faced a very difficult situation in the past 24 hours. My heart really does break for the pain she is feeling. At the same time, I'm a little bit fearful for what is to come. Honestly, she is the type of person that would take this situation and let it make her even harder..... even more bitter. I'm praying that God softens her heart. That she is able to see a message.... some sort of good.... in this and it will change her for the better.

I know you don't know the person or situation, but if you could add her to your prayers, I would appreciate it. 

8) A couple days ago, I randomly started quoting conversations from 'Pitch Perfect' until my family was in stitches. I love that movie and the conversations in it, lol.

9) Um, so Pinkberry is shutting down in Tampa and Orlando. I'm devastated. Not cool, Pinkberry. Not cool.

10) Yesterday, I had to call up Disney to have some information updated to my annual pass. The girl on the phone was delightful. At the end of the call, she wished me "A Magical Day" and it kind of made me happy inside.

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I want to see Identity Thief! I looks so funny!