Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot Fudge Blurb, with a side of TMI

Early in January, we had an event which I never really posted about. Here's a quick recap.........

We hosted a show on Jan 8th..........

Freddie Mitchell and I. Freddie used to be a NFL player. I'd never heard of him before, but he was super nice, so I got a picture with him.

Ever wonder what happens when the curtains are closed? This is what happens......

Mama M and I

M and I

Willie Nelson's twin...........


TMI Alert........

Can getting a massage make you start your period early?

No, seriously.

Saturday night, I was at an event and they had a guy with a massage chair. So, I got one. It was awesome.

He did get to two spots on my lower back where I almost came off the chair, though.

The next day (yesterday), I started. Four days early........ FOUR DAYS EARLY. That is unacceptable.

This has happened before..... the last time I got a massage on my cruise, in fact.

So, I repeat...... can getting a massage make you start early?

Either that or my ovaries are hyperactive.


The above probably explains why, yesterday, when Marianne's dad was offering to buy us dessert, I was having a war with myself.

I wasn't hungry.

I'd eaten a yummy lunch.

Yet, I would have killed for a brownie sundae.

Thankfully, everyone else didn't want dessert and therefore, I shamed myself into resisting. Because no one wants to be the fatty eating dessert while everyone else watches.

Later that night......... when I'd actually started (TMI, again.... sorry)....... I may or may not have made myself a giant Root Beer Float.


Clearly watching The Bachelor as I type this......

If a man took me to a bat cave, I'd leave him there.

How did they get to the middle of a lagoon for dinner without getting wet?

Michelle is crazy.


I didn't hate the Halftime Show, last night.

In fact, I'd rank it #3 in like the last 10 years.

#1 being this, of course.........

The 2nd place being Justin and Janet. Minus the boob flash.

Because, before the boob flash, it was a really great performance.


I kind of want a brownie sundae, right now.


Amy Lynn said...

I dunno if massages can make you start your period early... but I do know that your face is looking super skinny in those pictures and you look fabulous!!!!! Treat yourself to a Brownie sundae every now and then :)

Krystal said...

I still liked the boob flash! ;) JK!

How is "M" doing!?

Nsync will always be #1!

Brittany Ann said...

Yeah, a massage can do that. As can exercise. Or eating certain things. It's a curse. Being a woman. Ugh.

Gina said...

Michelle is beyond crazy. That is all.

Sonya said...

YES! The NSync performance will always be #1! And Michelle is crazy! I am so sick of her!