Monday, November 28, 2011

Only in Social Networking

Have you ever gone to a blog or FB profile that you haven't checked out in a while, only to be BLOWN AWAY?!?!?!?!

For instance.............

- Recently, I found out that a current FB friend (and former high school classmate) is in a relationship (as in living with and raising their child) with a man 39 years her senior. *cuemindblown*

- Just today, I found out that a couple that my parents are friends with at church have separated. I mean, their children and my brother grew up together. She and I frequently end up on neighboring treadmills. How did I not know that her husband had up and moved to another state?! *cuemindblown*

- Recently, a blog that I haven't checked out in a while showed up in my Reader. While reading through the first page of posts, I came across a sentence that had my doing a double-take. Then, I read closer. Then, I read the previous three months of posts to figure out what I'd missed. *cuemindblown*

Am I the only one that is sometimes floored by these little social networking revelations?


Anonymous said...

I always think it's fun to check into a blog I haven't visited in a while to see how big the kids have gotten.


Gina said...

I'm so so so nosey. I am dying to know which blog you are referring to. :D

Sonya said...

Personal announcements and things are so different now with social media. One thing I have figured out is that when people go from being all over twitter/FB/blogging to nothing, they're usually pregnant. I can name SO many people I've seen that happen to!