Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Sorts of Controversy

I try to stay away from controversy. Whenever there is a debate or an issue that brings out the pitchforks, I put my head down and stay mum. Every so often, I'll attempt to add a voice, but then change my mind (hence, the half dozen drafts sitting in my post folder).

However, today I am feeling feisty. Feeling like maybe it's time to give my opinion. Daring to risk unfollows (not really.... I love you all... please don't leave me).

So, here goes the one-stop-shop on all of Jessica's views on the most heated debates over the past few  months..............

1) Fifty Shades of Grey (and Darker, and Freed) - I love Jesus. I really do. I completely understand women who choose for themselves not to read these books.... and I 100% understand their reasons. That being said, I read them and loved them. To me, while they were certainly pretty hot books at certain points, there is a lot more going on than just sex. The books are largely about Christian Grey exorcising his demons and finding a healthier relationship pattern. The "how" of him getting into the BDSM lifestyle is very psychological. That is what drew me in once I started reading it and, imo, is what a lot of people mean about "getting past the sex parts." Also, I think Ana is a pretty strong female.... she is willing to consider and decide what SHE wants. Does she give in a lot? Yes, but usually after she has decided that is what she wants to do. She also realizes when she is being controlled or manipulated and speaks out.

Admittedly, the writing isn't the best. The story may have been even better if the writing were better. Oh, well.

Are they erotic? Yes. Are they about more than sex? Yes. Are they for everyone? No.

Again, in my opinion.... the "Fifty Shades" series is causing a lot of the same drama/arguments that Harry Potter did 12 years ago. Harry Potter books first weren't allowed in public school libraries.... then, children had to have a note from their parents to check them out. Now? Very few people flinch at the sight of a HP book. Universal Orlando has an entire land devoted to it and is about to create a second. Some would say (and they have a right to say) that it's further proof of the downfall of our culture. Others would say that it was much ado about nothing 12 years ago.

2) Magic Mike - I have yet to see it, but I plan on it, eventually. It looks like a fun, silly movie that happens to have a shirtless Channing Tatum in it. Plus, it was filmed in my area and I always think that's cool.

3)  The Olympic Uniforms - Weren't we aware that Ralph Lauren has his clothes made in China before now? All you have to do is look at a tag. Like, I get that it would give all of us a nice, warm fuzzy if they were made in the USA, but last time I checked, very few clothes are made here. 

And, since there are hundreds of Olympic athletes from around the world that train in OUR country, I figure it's a fair trade.

4) Ann Curry - I felt bad that her dreams went up in smoke. She seems like a really nice lady. That being said, she *was* kind of boring.

5) Chick-Fil-A - Again, why are we all surprised? The company is closed on Sundays.... one of the few chains/large companies that still close on Sunday. That should have been the first clue.

May I suggest that everyone stop trying to change everyone else's mind by yelling about how wrong the opposing view is? People in favor of gay marriage aren't going to suddenly decide that they are against it. People who aren't in favor of gay marriage aren't going to be convinced on a dime that they should vote it into law. Yelling and pointing fingers only makes things worse. Really, it doesn't matter what a person says or doesn't say...... when they go into the voting booth, it is just them. They can vote however they choose. And, guess what? There really isn't anything anyone can do about it.

There are a lot of laws that I agree with. There are a lot of laws that I disagree with. I've been able to vote in two Presidential elections, so far. At this rate, I'm 50/50 for getting the person I wanted. When it's all said and done, we don't all get our way........ and, that is ok.

I love nice people. I love kind people. I love thoughtful people. I love quality people. Sexuality doesn't play a role in it. Political opinions don't play a role in it.

I also love really good chicken. So, I will still be eating at Chick-Fil-A.

6) JCPenney - I don't really like their new pricing system, but I do love Ellen. The commercials alone are worth the change.

I think that is it. Was there any other hot topics that I've forgotten?

Hopefully, you all still love me, lol.


Justine said...

THe thing that drives me nuts about the Chick-FIl-A thing was that it's not even the *company* that supports traditional marriage, it was just the CEO that said he supported traditional marriage. People just like to get upset about stuff I think....

Sonya said...

What bugs me most about the CFA thing was the mayor's saying our city doesn't support your views. Excuse me, but when did you get to speak for those citizens! It's ok to have differing opinions. The man didn't say if you don't have my beliefs you aren't welcome, or we won't hire you. He was simply stating his beliefs. I'm trying to figure out when it became unacceptable to stand up for your beliefs and not be criticized because your beliefs are different. Will you please have some CFA for me on the support day as well? I don't live near one:(

Unknown said...

You know, I had never really thought of your angle with the Olympic Uniforms. You're right, it IS a fair trade. ;)

I haven't read the 50 Shades series. Not because I think it's sinful, or wrong, but because most people in my area are reading it for the erotic points. I think it would weird me out to read them and know what turns my 19 year old cousin on lol.

The thing that bothers me the most in the CFA controversy is their attempts to cover it. I read an article about the Jim Henson/Muppet corporation pulling their support with CFA because of the CEO's views. But CFA opted to release statements that their toys were pulled from the stores because of a safety recall. If no sin is greater than another, why is it ok for CFA to lie, but say they are a conservative, Christian corporation that is against gay marriage?
I think the real debate needs to be our tolerance for views other than our own. On both sides, I've seen pro-gay marriage and anti-gay marriage speak and act in hateful, intolerant, and disrespectful manners.

Gina said...

I must be under a rock because I know nothing about Ann Curry or JCP.

Anonymous said...

All of this with 3 caveats: Paige makes a good point about the henson cfa connection, though I've only read that claim on Facebook so I'm not aware of the validity or not of that claim. If it's true, and it very well may be, then that is definitely a problem. Haven''t read 50 shades but I won't be judging either way. And I've always really disliked Ann curry unless she was just reading straight news, her interviews are awful.

But to your post in general I say: THIS!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I don't know anything about JCP or Ann Curry either??? Fill me in!

The CFA thing is killing me. I just have SO MANY evangelical christian friends & SO MANY gay or liberal (or both - ha!) friends, that my news feed is full of both sides & it's just... exhausting. I am a christian, i love gay people... i don't know how i feel about gay marriage, being honest. But i love CFA, i understand that they can believe whatever they want as long as they treat everyone with respect. And they do!

Also, i think it's dumb to boycott based on what that company believes or supports. How about going there based on good service, etc, not what some CEO believes? There is a CFA by my work & they have only gotten MORE business since all the boycotting craziness began! I have started to go twice & ended up leaving b/c the drive-thru line was wrapped around the building!