Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Blurbs

This three day work week has felt both really long and really short.


All throughout December, my workplace has been a walking cesspool of cold and crud. Everyone was sick. Only, because it was year end, they weren't staying home. There. Was. Too. Much. To. Do.

I threatened everyone with their sickly little lives if I got sick on vacation.

Then, while on vacation, pretty much everyone in my family was sick. Cousins. Brother. Mom. Ninny. Aunts. Everyone.

Now? I'm getting sick. I can feel it coming on.



There is a dead animal at work. As in, crawled underneath the building and died.

Thank the good Lord that the horrid smell is on the other side of the building and not on mine.

Also, thank goodness for Scentsy. No joke, everyone who has bought one from me as them running.


I had grand plans of finishing my organizing this weekend, as well as getting a nice run in.

Now, I think I will be curled up on the couch with soup and a blanket.


The strawberries are back in season in Florida.

This makes me SO happy :)


Suze said...

Hooray for strawberries but boo to sickness. Hope you get to feeling 100% and have a good weekend!

LWLH said...

I hate when your the only one who isn't sick around a bunch of sickies and your just waiting for the inevitable.