Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Things I Hoard

Thanks to Krystal, I just learned of this fun little link-up....

My family tends to be hoarders.... or "Pack Rats" as the slightly less creepy and less clinical term may be. We're not super gross and disgusting, but we tend to keep a lot of "stuff."

The older I get, the better I'm getting about being able to get rid of things, but there are certainly items that I "collect" unnecessarily........

Writing Utensils and Sticky Notepads

This just is ON my desk. I mean, really. Will I never need all those pens? Probably not. But, I have them at my disposal.

We're not even counting all of the stationary that I keep on hand. I could write "Thank You" cards for years.

Tervis and Travel Coffee Mugs

No joke, I'm obsessed. I have about 3 large Tervis and 4 smaller Tervis. Plus, a ton of travel mugs. Every morning, I bring three cups to work...... one for my water, one for my coffee, and one for my breakfast smoothie.


Especially, fun heels and flats. The amount of shoes in my closet is insane. I really only wear about 25% of them regularly. Apparently, I'm also a hoarder of pictures of me and my shoes.

Beyond the above, I have special boxes for birthday and Christmas cards that are sent to me. I have a special box for all of the concert tickets, M&G passes, and specialty wristbands/nametags/lanyards I've collected throughout the years at my job.

And, for possibly the weirdest...... plastic shopping bags. You know the Target, WalMart, Kohl's, etc bags? I have hundreds of them. I have a giant Vera Bradley Outlet shopping bag that is FULL of plastic shopping bags. I feel so bad just tossing them that I save them for other uses. When in the world I will ever use all those bags is beyond me.


Lin said...

Oh my gosh, you saving all those plastic bags is hilarious! I actually laughed out loud because I have about 40 of them under my bathroom cabinet to use as garbage bags on my ONE garbage can. We're so damn goofy.

Your shoes are making me jealous, love them. I have tons in my closet too and I hardly ever wear all of them. Thanks so much for joining the link up...hopefully we'll see more of you in the future :)

Anonymous said...

girl, those shoes in the upper right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you are just trying them on, please tell me you bought them! also, please tell me the brand!

Katrin said...

I am glad I am not the only one with too many shoes. i don't even wear all of them. But need all of them. :)

meg m said...

man the sticky pads I have is ridiculous. not even feasible for me to ever get through them all. love that I'm not the only one!
the shopping bags made me laugh out loud that's hilarious!
love shoes! but I'm just starting to actually invest in some and not just stare at them.
thanks for linking up! hope to see you back next week!

LWLH said...

I am totally in love with those pink heels, so cute!

Melissa said...

Brad had probably hundreds of bags when i married him & i couldn't deal. Hahaha. And i'm not a Type A or anything, i just ... NO. There is no need for 8 million walmart bags, honey! Hahaha. We do keep some on hand still. Just not 2900404! :)

UM, ME TOO with stationery, pens. And i am glad i'm not the only one carrying multiple cups/mugs/etc to work! :)