Monday, August 12, 2013

The Guy in a Video

I'll be upfront about the fact that the title of this post is misleading. Regardless, just keep reading.

So, if you've been reading for ANY length of time, you've read about The Guy.

Small update: No update in that department. We live our lives. Mine in Florida and him in another state. Sometimes, we talk a lot. Other times (like lately), we just keep tabs on one another via FB. It's pretty much just how things are and I'm more cool with it than ever.

Anyway, he posted this video on his work page today. We actually both have two.... one for work/radio and one for personal. Our work pages are linked and our personal pages are linked. When he posted it, he said something along the lines of, "Ashton reveals his real name. Not only am I a fan of his real name, but his speech is amazing...."

If you can connect a few dots, then you will realize that I just let loose a little fact about The Guy.

While I was watching this video, I started chuckling at the realization at just how many things the person in the video and the person who posted the video have in common. See, way back when he lived here, this other guy who had a thing for me and HATED that I had a thing for The Guy would constantly compare him to AK. In fact, he would straight-up call him Ashton to me, just to needle me. I didn't really care, because I always have thought AK was a funny guy, but I never really thought about it.

Because, in my mind, The Guy was more of a Shane West and George Clooney. There were a lot of comparisons for both of those guys, for many reasons, and I just never gave much thought to the AK stuff.

Until today. When I was watching that video and it was like watching The Guy, lol.

I commented back to him, "Hahahaha.... You guys kind of dress and talk alike, too."

Then, I actually gave him a call. Because, while they DO dress (and stand and motion) eerily alike, there were a lot of other similarities. More important ones.

For all of his goofiness and apparent playboyness, AK made a brilliantly impassioned speech in front of all those teenagers watching. About hard work and not letting life pass you by and about what is really important in a person. About realizing your potential and the potential of those around you. About using your brain and your internal gifts.

And, he said it to millions of teenagers.

Watching that video, I'd never been quite so attracted to Ashton Kutcher.  And, in turn, had never been so attracted to The Guy.

I was showing the video to one of my coworkers and she said, "I've never realized how much they look alike."

I called TG and we were talking about how impressed we were by the depth of what he said. And, I told him about this other guy always ragging on me for "being friends" with him. And, I told him how the other guy always tried to call him Ashton as an insult. Since I'd never told him that, he was both surprised and amused, because he's not overly fond of the other guy either. I told him, "I was sitting there watching it and I started laughing at my desk because it was like watching you. Your clothes, your stance, and even the way you start speaking when you're really passionate about something." But, as I told him, after watching that video, it's not an insult at all, but more of a compliment to be so similar.

I know AK isn't perfect and has had some scandal surrounding him. So has The Guy to a lesser degree, lol. But that heart that you see in that video is what makes a guy like him so attractive.

And, I'm kind of proud to say that the same heart can be found in MY "Ashton."

So, if you have ever wondered what it was The Guy is like, you just got a solid clue, lol.

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