Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Week in the life of Jess....

Just for kicks and giggles, I thought I'd record my activites for an entire week. It's not completely accurate, because each week is slightly different.... but, that just makes things more hectic, lol......

Sunday - 9/14 (Happy Birthday, E!)

12am - 2pm : Work at the station (on-air until 6am; automation from 6a-1p)

2pm - 7:30pm: Sleep, eat, and shower

7:30 - 9pm: Board-op for show

9pm - 11:45pm: Eat and nap at station

11:45 : Get up and get ready to get on the air!

Monday - 9/15

12am - 5am: On-air

5am - 7:30am: Shower and eat (pick up some 5-Hr Energy, lol)

7:30am - 11:45 am: Sub at CPE

12:00pm - 5:30pm: Eat and sleep

6:00pm - 7:30pm: Dance

7:30: Meet Paula and Billie Jo down at the Lake (which we walked TWICE!!!.... That's 6 miles...Go us!!)

11:30: Bedtime!

Tuesday - 9/16

7:30am: Up and at 'em

9:00am: Babysit for Abby and "my most favorite Emma in the whole wide world"

Noon: (I was supposed to sub, but it got cancelled, so instead.....) Go to Uncle Jimmy's while his phone service gets fixed

2:30pm: Go to station to try to work on affidavits

2:35pm: Put toys back where they belong, AGAIN

3:15pm: Meet in the conference room with an artist on a radio tour (Affidavits never get done, lol)

4:30pm: Go home, change, and eat

5:30pm: Go to Curves to workout

6:30pm - 8:45pm: Dance

9:00pm: Big Brother Finale!!!! Followed by a mini-marathon of Jon and Kate Plus 8

12:00am: Bed time

Wednesday - 9/17 (Day off!!!.... YAY!!!!)

10:00am: SLEEP IN!!! Wake up and get out of bed, lol.

12:00pm: Eat lunch.... start laundry.... watch Ellen episodes

4:30pm: Go to Curves

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Dance

7:15pm - 8:00: Wal-Mart

8:30pm: Go to my boss' house to get instructions on feeding her cats for the next two weeks

9:15pm: Head home, eat, and go to bed

Thursday - 9/18

7:30 am: Wake-up and get ready

9:00 am: Go to Grandfather Humphries' house to meet him for our morning jaunt to Disney World (on the agenda: the Virgin record store and lunch at the Sand Trap)

1:30 pm: Arrive back in town

1:45pm: Go to the station

4:00pm: Leave station, head home, change, and head to the gym

5:00pm: Curves

6:30pm: Meet Paula and Billie Jo at the Lake (Twice, again!!)

8:30pm: Pick Trevor up from a football game

9:15pm: Arrive home, eat, watch TV, and go to bed around 11pm

Friday - 9/19

5:45am: Wake up and get ready for the day

7:30am: Arrive at CPE to sub all day

3:00pm - 3:20pm: Leave CPE and head to the station

4:45pm: Leave the station and head to Curves

5:15pm: Curves

6:30pm: Meet Paula at the Lake

8:00pm: Go home, change, and head to the Brad Paisley concert with Paula, Billie Jo, and my mom

11:30pm: Concert over, but had SO much fun.... go get something to eat

2:00am: Get home and go to bed!

Saturday - 9/20

9:15am: Wake-up and get ready for the day

10:30am: Leave the house to head to the station.... pick up van and drive to HC

12:00pm-4:00pm: Remote in HC

4:45pm: Arrive back at the station

5:15pm-10:30pm: Eat and sleep for about 4 1/2 hours

10:30pm: Wake-up, shower, and get ready for Marathon Sunday

11:45pm: Arrive at station

.... and a new week begins!!!

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