Saturday, March 28, 2009

A case of crazy stubborness

This weekend my family went down to Ft. Myers to watch Boston Spring Training. They asked me to join them, but I'd already committed to going to two social/charity events for the station. Nothing I'd be working at, but just being out in the community.

Last night was a Wine Festival downtown. I actually was really looking forward to it.... several of my friends from the station were going to be there. As I posted yesterday, work was slow, so I was able to leave right at 5:30 (UNHEARD of).

I ran home, glammed up a bit, and then headed out to go back into town. Parking was insane, so it took me like 20 minutes to find a place. Finally, I found the best space I could and then went to get my phone and keys. I went to grab the ticket.... and, no ticket.

No, that's not possible, I remember putting it in my purse.

I searched all throughout my purse and my car. No ticket. You've got to be friggin' kidding me.

The station was about 6 blocks away, so I went back there to look for it. Went through my office, looked in studios, couldn't find it anywhere.

Went back home, even though I was sure I didn't leave it there. Looked all over the house. No ticket.

Then, just when I'd given up and was going to call it a night, the evening DJ called to say he'd found them.


At this point, it was a matter of principle. I planned on going to that stupid wine festival, I was going to the stupid wine festival.

I headed back to the station to get the ticket and then back to the wine festival. At this point, there was only about an hour left to it and it was starting to wind down, so I found a parking spot right up front.

I did manage to see a couple people I knew. Most of the wine was gone (and, after everything, I needed it). As I was walking out, M from the station called out to me. Thank goodness. I ended up hanging out with her and her boyfriend until pretty much everyone was gone.

Then, I went back home to crash.

Tonight, I have to go to another event. I will make sure I have my ticket in hand. Although, I'm not quite sure very many people my age will be there, lol.

I'd like for this weekend to be over, please. I should have gone to Ft. Myers, lol.

Special thanks to my cousin Heidi who kept my company and listened to my craziness from her house in New Mexico. I would have loved to joined you for Breakfast and Movie Night.

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