Monday, March 14, 2011

On Meeting My Twin

They say everyone has a twin out there.

Mine is a cosmic twin....... not necessarily in looks, but everything else.

Marianne and I found one another's blogs and quickly formed a friendship. We are so weirdly similar..... we continuously email each other with "cue the Twilight Zone music." I can't even start to tell you all the ways we're alike.

We've been dying to meet one another for close to a year, now. When the chance finally arrived in early February, I was giddy with excitement.

After weeks of emails and texts, we formulated a plan and were able to meet face-to-face!!!

An added bonus was getting to meet another blogger who is good friends with Marianne and whose blog I've followed for a while now (before I even "met" Marianne..... again, weirdly similar).

Marianne and her family were everything I thought they'd be.... absolutely wonderful. Warm, funny, sarcastic (I love me some sarcasm), and soooooo easy to talk with.

Jenna is a doll. I want to hate her, but I can't. Beyond the fact that she's probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, she's drop-dead gorgeous...... and a mother to quads. Yes, quads. She's had four humans in her little body, at one time, and has a better body than 99%  of the people I know.

We enjoyed a yummy brunch, great conversation, and a nice walk around downtown St. Petersburg.

When the time to leave was upon us, we hugged, promised to see one another "soon", and grabbed pictures like any good Bloggers would.

My afternoon was further proof that Bloggers just plain rock.

Marianne, me, and Jenna


Jenna and I


Brittany Ann said...

Oh fun! (But I'm jealous you're having get-togethers with other bloggers in FL now!)

Gina said...

All three of you are super pretty! I want to meet you!

Lil' Woman said...

I know Brittany....Wow Jess, we leave and you replace us that :)

Marianne said...

Gosh, I have such beautiful friends!!! I miss my girls! And thank you for such lovely words about me and my family, we're a crazy bunch, but you handled us :)

Can't wait to give you a squeeze again!! Hate that we've hardly had a chance to talk since I was in Florida :(