Saturday, March 26, 2011

When the two coolest people in the world are in the same state......

This is about a month late, but oh well! Thus begins a series I like to call
"Watch Out Florida..... Too Much Awesome For One State".......

For years (and I do mean years), my cousin Heidi and I have been begging, threatening, crying, yelling, blackmailing asking her husband to plan a trip with their family to visit Florida. This is where Heidi was born and our family is from. About three years ago, he sent her on a vacation by herself to Florida. It was glorious fun, but still left us wanting. See, I've been promising her children that I'd take them to Disney World for years. And, we wanted to make good on that promise.

To be perfectly honest, when they said they were coming, I didn't believe them. It wasn't until they actually got into their car and started driving from New Mexico that I really started to let it sink in. When I talked to Heidi on the phone and we hung up by saying, "See you TOMORROW!!!!" I was over the moon.

Friday, February 18th, our day came :) My poor coworkers had to put up with my mileage and hour reports. Finally, they were in town and ready to meet up!

We decided on meeting at Ninny's apartment, both because it was a central point in town and because Ninny was about as excited to see them as I was.

I'm pretty sure that all of Central Florida heard the squeals of delight when we finally were able to hug each other's necks, lol. I, of course, forgot to bring my camera, so the first pics were on my cell and her camera.

Heidi and I


Anthony - Birthday Twins

Bella Boo

It took almost 9 years, but we finally got him here!!

Ninny and Bella

Ninny and Anthony

Ninny and Noah

Loving on her great-grandchildren

After visiting, we went to my house and the rest of the celebration with the family commenced. We did stop at Publix, first, and spent our time there trying to show Mike why it's the best grocery store he's ever been in (he's never been in a Wegmen's, so Publix rules....... I love me some Publix, but the other chain clearly rules). Bella suckered me into getting some popcicles (tough sell, I tell ya).

Lydia was beside herself with the sudden appearance of playmates and we all had the best time catching up. We tried to call it a semi-early night, though, because we had BIG plans the next day.............

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Lil' Woman said...

Glad you got to see your fam....and I agree, Publix is the shizzz...I love the cakes they make their, yummm! :)