Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Blurbs

  • I currently have SO many posts to post. However, I have NO motivation to do it. I don't know why, because it's fun stuff to talk about. Just no motivation. So, you're stuck with these crappy posts.

  • The pile of drafts in my folder remind me of my Lenten challenge. It's been a slow start to decluttering, I'll admit. My goal for today is to move a few storage boxes that are sitting in my room to a proper place (not on the shelves). That way, I can eventually move the piles of books on my floor to the shelves. Not today, though. My goal for today is to just clear the shelves.

  • The creepy crud had been moving through my office and house over the past couple weeks. Our pollen count has been ridiculous, so people are quickly dropping like flies. My mom was even in the hospital over it, for five days, last week. I, however, thought I'd escaped it. Nope. I awoke on Thursday sounding like Demi Moore. After skipping the gym and resting on Thursday, I still felt like crap on Friday. So, I skipped the gym and rested last night. I woke up several times throughout the night with a painful cough and still feel like crap, today. My evening plans have now been scrapped and I've officially done nothing but sit on the couch, watch movies, and sleep, today.

  • I'm hoping for a quick turnaround. Not only do I not want to miss church tomorrow, but I have a date with Lady Antebellum, tomorrow night. I've been looking forward to this for months. Any suggestions? It's not upper respiratory. I'm breathing through my nose, just fine. It's all in my chest.... which is weird because it usually starts upper and moves lower. This time, it went straight to lower. So, again, any suggestions?

  • This week is perhaps going to be one of the craziest, yet. I have two HUGE events, for two different stations. One on Thursday and one on Saturday. Both of them are my creations..... and, I'm freaking out. Literally having nightmares about what could go wrong. Radiothon is intense, but it's clockwork. We've been there and done that so many times that it's just the workload that gets me. These two events, however, are stressing me out. Please, please, please pray for me over the next week. I'm praying that everything goes off without a hitch, that the events are successful, that everyone has a good time, and that I can go home at 2am on Sunday (yep) knowing I pulled it off. Otherwise, Monday may not be so fun, lol.

  • I need to get back into my exercise groove. I was doing just that when I woke up ill on Thursday. It irritates me.

  • Florida just won against Vandy. YAY!

  • Is anyone watching Off the Map? I like it. Apparently, I like anything Shonda Rimes creates. Although, I was like 5 episodes into it before I found out that the blond chick is Meryl Streep's daughter. I always thought she looked familiar, but couldn't place it. Now, it seems so obvious.

  • I'm not sure how I feel about American Idol, this season. I just don't feel connected to any of the contestants, so far.

  • I just recently found out that Emily from The Bachelor once dated Jerrod Niemann. That girl has really good taste in men. I'm kind of jealous, actually.

  • TV and work. This is what I talk about. Clearly, I have an exciting life, lol.


Hillary said...

Oh man! I've been watching "Off the Map" since the first episode and I love it! BUT I'm apparently really slow... I just read your comment about Meryl Streep's daughter and yelled "NO WAY!" I had no idea that was her until just now! My husband laughed at me when I told him why I was shouting... he expected something more exciting. ;)

Sonya said...

I hope you get well soon! I had the nasty upper respiratory stuff and it was not fun!

I'm with you on Idol. I don't usually get all excited about anything beyond auditions until the end of the season, but I still think everyone is really boring!

Gina said...

Drink some vinegar tea. Two of your bloggy besties swear by it. Just sayin.