Friday, March 30, 2012

Lotto Frenzy

As I start writing this there are 5 minutes until the big Lotto drawing. You know, the one worth over a half a billion dollars.

I am *almost* glad that I am one of the few states that don't participate in this lottery. I would be so tempted to buy tickets. Then, I would be a stress case waiting for the drawing, even though I knew I wouldn't win.

But, what if I did?

What would I buy?

It's a fun thought to try to figure out...........

I'd hire a financial planner.

I'd tithe and probably cause my pastor to have a heart attack.

I'd pay off my car.

I'd pay off my parent's house.

I'd buy or build my own house.

I'd help my cousin and her family move down to Florida.

I'd take a Disney Cruise (or two or three) with family and friends.

I'd donate a mad amount of money during our St. Jude Radiothon (making our tote board skyrocket).

I'd stay at my job, but I would hire my own full-time assistant. And, I'd talk my company owner into letting my have more vacation.

I would set aside a ridiculous number specifically to have my dream wedding. Whenever that day happens.

I'd set up a trust for my brother and a couple other people in my life.

I'd donate a chunk to the school I went to for 13 years.

Then, I think, I'd go about my business. I mean, I'd have a ton of money in the bank and invested. I could probably live off of the interest, for the most part.

What would you do with half a billion dollars?

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LWLH said...

The question is what wouldn't I do...
go back to school, vacation, buy a house, help my fam....etc.