Monday, March 12, 2012

The Monday Real

Thanks to Jess and Britt for starting and hosting The Monday Real!
This is a repost from this past November..... It's one of the most honest posts ever in the sense that I posted my clothing size AND fat pictures of myself.....

This past weekend, I went to Disney. While I was in the Orlando area, I stopped by some outlets in search of warm clothes. A couple years ago, we had a lengthy cold snap and I bought some sweaters, etc. That got me through last year, even though they were a little roomy. However, a couple of cool days already showed me that they would NOT work this winter.

As I don't like spending a lot of money on clothes, period, I *really* don't like spending a lot of money on clothes that I only need about 2 months (if that) out of the year AND that I have no intention on fitting into next year (30 lbs until my goal weight).

Hence, outlets.

I hit up my favorite bargain clothing store.... Old Navy. The lady in the dressing room was amazing. She gave me her completely honest opinion on everything I tried on. My favorite line?

"Honey, all of these clothes are too big on you. What size are you bringing in here?"


"Ha! No, let me go get you smaller sizes."

See, my whole life....... well, since I have been old enough to pick out my own clothes and take them into a dressing room..... I've been XL or XXL. At my heaviest, I was a size 26 going on 28 (this is the first time I've ever said that publicly, lol....... still not sure I'll ever be comfortable saying my actual weight).

When I walked out of the store, I walked out with four Large long-sleeved shirts, one Large long-sleeved sweater, and two pairs of size 14 jeans. Now, depending on the store or the make of the clothing item, I still may need an XL or a 16. However, that's becoming less and less. The dressing room attendant pointed out that I *think* I need the larger size...... when I really don't.

I know, to a lot of people, the thought of wearing a Large or a size 14 is appalling. I mean, it's still chubby and by its own name, Large. However, my 5'7 1/2" big-boned frame has NEVER been this small. It was an awesome feeling to walk out of that store carrying clothes smaller than I've ever worn.

Like I said earlier, I still have about 30 pounds to go. I don't know what size I'll be at that point.... I am more concerned with being a healthy weight, BMI, etc.

Walking out of that store, though? Was definitely a nod to how far I've come.........

February 2005 (pretty much the heaviest).......

July 2005 (I'd just started losing weight)......

June 2011......

August 2011.........


Melissa said...

WOW, Jess! You HAVE lost tons of weight! That is awesome! You look great! :)

Jess @ DudeandSweets said...

Um. Holy crap.

I mean, wow. Sorry. You are amazing. Your dedication to yourself is amazing. I'm seriously impressed. For real.

Okay. Sorry. I'll stop gushing. ANYHOO.

At my smallest I'm a size 10. Like, if I exercise all the time and eat super strict. A 12 is my normal. Sometimes a 14. And I'm usually in a large because of the hips and bewbs. Neither of which are going anywhere.

I'm glad you shared this.