Monday, October 8, 2012

14-6 = A Super Fun Weekend

This past weekend was jam-packed, but!!!!

Friday night, I met up with some friends at a local wing place that has comedy shows every Friday. It was hysterical.... totally inappropriate, but hysterical. I'd been in a bit of a funk the last part of the week, so a good "laugh until you cry" laugh was exactly what I needed.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to Gainesville. I hadn't been to a Gator game in YEARS.... and, it was Noah and Anthony's very first game!! Along with my stepdad Jeff, Trevor, and Trev's girlfriend Lauren, we were super excited to see UF take on LSU.

For you non-college football fans....... UF is historically an amazing team. The past two years have been rough, between losing Tebow, the Pouncey Twins, other major players, AND getting a new coach. Honestly, expectations for this season were pretty low. However, this team has managed to win their first four games. So, when it came time to play #4 LSU.... it was the true test. Was September a fluke or are we actually on our way back?

On their way to their very first Gator game!!!!

Again, it had been years since I'd been up for a game. It's electric from the moment you get on the interstate. No joke... almost like a caravan, heading to The Swamp. Then, once you actually get IN Gainesville? Craziness.

Making friends.......

We spent a couple of hours walking around, checking out everything going on. On our way into the stadium, we had three very important statues to take a look at.....

Steve Spurrier.... former player and coach :)

Tim Tebow..... the only one the boys truly cared about.... Tebow was a member of their Broncos (they lived in Denver before moving to Florida) last year.

And.... Danny Wuerffel (loved him).

Anthony and I

Noah and I

We finally got into the stadium. Jeff is a Booster, so we had two seats there and four extra seats elsewhere. I went with Jeff for the first half and got great pictures of the pre-game fanfair.

I loved this. I know people who can't draw the state of Florida, but this band can manage to form a human outline.

So, here's the thing. Everyone wanted this one. Really, really badly. So, when the team took the field, the stadium shook.

Sadly, the first half of the game was boring. Both offenses were weak and the stronger defenses basically just acted like a wall.

It did give me a good chance to get pictures......

Trevor, the boys, and Lauren.....

During halftime, Trev came down so that we could trade places. The plan was that he and the boys would switch out for the second half, so they could sit in the "good seats."

During half-time, they honored the UF students/alumni that competed in the 2012 Olympics. They walked onto the field Chomping!!! Such a cool moment!!!!

When Ryan Lochte was introduced.... again, the stadium shook.

Round 2 started and things really got going!!! So far, this team has proven to be a second half team and that was certainly the case!!!


After scoring TWO touchdowns, the boys were happy.......

.... and so were Lauren and I.

When watching football on TV (when I actually watch it), I'm pretty calm. However, in the stadium, I became a hooting, hollering, yelling, nail-biting, Chomping fan. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!

I wish I could bottle the excitement and the noise. At one point, my boss called to try to ask me a question. It was so loud, he just hung up and texted me, lol.

14 - 6 was the final score. And, it was so sweet :)

It took forever to get out of Gainesville, but the excitement of the city was worth it.

We stopped on our way home to eat........

..... I love McAlister's. We don't have one anywhere near us.

Sunday was a major sleep in day. We met Jeff's dad for lunch and then I went to the movies with Billie Jo. We saw 'Trouble with the Curve'..... I love me some Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake. Put them in a movie together and you have a winner, in my book!

It was a great weekend!!!

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