Wednesday, October 3, 2012


That is how I am feeling this Wednesday morning.



One of my coworkers is seriously pissing me off this week.

I actually "AAGGGHHHHHHH" ed aloud to him, this morning. Then, I also told him that if he had questions about my department, he could come to me, rather than "chatting" with one of our managers about it.


Despite the fact that I'm on my second official week of Insanity.... and that my schedule forced me into doing yesterday's workout last night and then today's workout this morning (ie, less than 12 hours apart), I have been feeling like this..........

The busted can of biscuits part. For like two straight weeks, now.

With the exception of Monday, I have changed my outfit no less than twice each morning before settling on something that I feel ok in, everyday for two weeks.

That is not normal for me.


If I see one more nasty campaign ad, I am going to scream.

Really, is it November 6th, yet?


As I was writing this, I got a call that annoyed me and an email that annoyed me.

As in.... if this keeps up, I may need to take a personal day because my foulness cannot be contained.


On a slightly cheerful note, my cousin made homemade pasta with pumpkin and sausage sauce last night.


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Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

I feel like that today!! My jeans are tight and it's making it worse!!! Ugh.