Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Venture

Every now and again, I decide that I need something. Something new. Something different.

I'm a creature of habit and don't like change, so these urges do not come often. When they do, I take notice. For a while I looked into it. I researched. I pondered.

Then, I joined.

So far, I'm loving it and having a blast!

Right now, they've got a great deal on their Buddies. You buy one and get the next free. Two super cute, non-stinky stuffed animals for the price of one!

Also, the Scent of the Month..... Mandarin Moon. It's 10% off and smells like a warm mandarin orange :)

The Warmer of the Month is this fella.... Tom Turkey. He's also 10% off and a cute addition to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. 

And.... just because I'm in the mood for Halloween and Fall........

It really is proving to be a fun way to earn some extra cash (and make my office and house smell lovely). If you've been thinking about buying or selling Scentsy, feel free to ask me any questions!

..... And, because I'm not quite done with new ventures, cross your fingers, pray, and stay tuned for another one coming down the pike!!!

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This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

I love scenntsy!!! I just might have to buy from you!