Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why did the pink flamingo cross the road?

.... because it was walking in the LW Mardi Gras parade.

Yesterday we were in the parade and WOW.... interesting.

We were behind a band of belly dancers. Again.... interesting.

FYI.... one must have enough beads for a Mardi Gras parade. We had 720 and ran out 1/3 of the way. I crawled into the back of the van and found whatever I could, as to escape the mobs of people who wanted things thrown at them.

We ended up throwing keychains. Once those were out, we tossed cups. When those were gone, it was bumper stickers. Blessedly, it came to an end.

Today, my arm feels like I got a shot in it. I'm not used to tossing things for an hour straight.

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