Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A date with Ninny (and Kenny Rogers)

Ninny is doing SO well. She is still going to physical therapy to regain full strength in her left side, but you really wouldn't be able to tell that she had a stroke. It was God's blessing that she was in the hospital, so they could catch it so soon, I promise!

As part celebration, part early Christmas present, I surprised Ninny with tickets to the Kenny Rogers Christmas Show. We promoted the show and I was also able to get her a Meet and Greet. She was beside herself with excitement, lol. She kept calling her friends at the Senior Apartment Complex and holding the phone up so they could hear him, lol.

Myself, Kenny Rogers, and Ninny

Ninny and I

I was so pleasantly surprised. He was really funny and entertaining. I'd never thought much about him before, but I really enjoyed myself.

Rebecca Lynn Howard joined him. I'd never heard her before, but my friend Jeni loves her. DEAR HEAVENS..... This girl can SING!!!!

Kenny's lovely wife Wanda and their 5-year old TWINS.

It was a really nice evening.

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