Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"It's the most busy time of the year"

Ok, so that's not really how the song goes. However, it sure does feel that way, lol.

Let's go back, shall we?

First week in December.....

Literally, the first thing I did when I got to work the Monday after Thanksgiving was decorate my office. I put up a little tabletop tree, strung some lights (in slightly white trash style), and started a collage of the Christmas cards I was receiving.

My little office tree.

On Thursday, we had our hometown Christmas Parade - - - - I LOVE this parade. It's huge and definitely my favorite out of all the parades we do.

D and I

Most of the on-air gang....

M and I

J and I

J and I

D and I

A and I

D and I

This was Thursday the 3rd, lol. The next day, we had a broadcast from Gaylord Palms for ICE!!! Not only do I adore Gaylord Palms and the people there, but ICE! is a favorite holiday tradition for me. My family and I went later on (post and pics to come).

We were supposed to have four (yes, four) parades that very weekend, but they got rescheduled because of the weather. So, I was able to sleep and get a few things done and go to a movie. Saturday, I saw "The Blind Side"..... um, soooooooooo good!

Sunday the 6th......



A group of us from work went to go see them. I saw them two years ago and loved them even more this time around. When I subbed, I made my kids listen to their CD through the holidays. They whined about it and eventually grew to beg me to play it for them.

Anyway.... anytime TSO is in town, go. see. them. It's an amazing Christmas show.

Second week of December............

I worked a TON. A ridiculous amount, to be exact.

I was supposed to do parades (the regularly scheduled ones and the rescheduled ones), but it worked out for me not to.

Saturday (the 12th), I met my friend Susan at a local pottery painting store. I'd already decided to get my mom a gift card for Christmas (she loves that place). Then, Susan put out a Facebook call to see if anyone wanted to paint pottery with her. I thought to myself, "Hey! I could paint her something and then get her a card to come back to paint!"

Susan and I made plans to meet as soon as it opened at 9am. I wasn't sure at first what I was going to make. Then, I saw a Gingerbread House Cookie Jar. My mom has Gingerbread everything.... even a village of Gingerbread houses that she puts out each year. So, I decided to make it. FIVE AND A HALF HOURS LATER, I was finished. I sure hope she likes that darned thing. I'll post pictures later.

After I finished, I went to see "Everybody's Fine." Just to warn you...... this is a very sad movie. I was sobbing throughout it. It's a good movie, but a really sad one.

My family went out to dinner and then I headed over to see Mia and the kids (a plumbing issue left them in a Residence Inn right next to where I was eating). Mia and I walked around the shopping complex, chatting while she returned stuff.

Sunday (the 13th), we went to church, lunch, and hung out for a while. Later that evening, we went to our church's Light Walk-Through. This is only the 4th year, but it's already grown to amazing proportions. People from out of town even come..... some are bussed in!!! It's a great event and so much fun.

As this is a mile long, I will leave you with this.....

It's just over two days until Christmas and I'm still not done with my shopping. Or wrapping. Or watching all the Christmas movies I like to watch during the holidays. I hate not being as prepared as I'd like :(.

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Lil' Woman said...

I live ICE...Big Man took me there last year for our anniversary and TSO..I want there Christmas song played at my wedding! :)