Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tales of a Bloggy Meet-Up

Last night was SO fun! No, seriously. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Justine from Almost There and Lil Woman arranged a meet-up while Justine and her husband were visiting Orlando. I am a fan of both their blogs and have emailed a little with both, so I was super excited to meet them in person. I was also going to be meeting Brittany from Living in the Moment.... up until this week, I hadn't "known" Brittany, but was looking forward to meeting her!

During the day, I played at Universal with the family (post and pics to come). Then, came time to get ready for the big face-to-face. We were meeting right not far from Downtown Disney.... perfect for me as I needed to make a quick stop. As I had "theme park hair and face," I also used The World Of Disney restroom as a make-up and hair fixing facility.

Remember my nervous post from a couple days ago? Well, as I was primping and then driving over, I found even MORE things to be nervous about.....

What if I stink?..... Oh, I hope I have something to talk about with them..... Crap, I forgot to give one of them my phone number. What if something has changed and they don't know how to get a hold of me?..... Don't say anything too embarrassing..... Dangit, I forgot lipstick.... Oh, I hope they like me.

I was the first one there, but quickly Justine and her husband Jon walked up. After a bit of a shy, "Are you Justine? I'm Jess." exchange, it was like we knew each other from way back! By the time Lil Woman and Brittany got there, it was already so fun and relaxed.

All of my fears? Well, if I stunk, they were kind enough to not say anything, lol. We talked about plenty. Clearly the phone number wasn't an issue. I admitted to being a soap message board fan from way back and I'm pretty sure that's as embarrassing as it gets. They couldn't have cared less about the lipstick........ and most of all, I think (hope!) they liked me just fine.

These three ladies are absolute dolls!!!!! We quickly bonded over our love of N'SYNC from way back, blogging in general, and so many other similarities. We managed to gab for over 3 hours! We probably could have gone on longer, but the place we were at was turning into a techno club and the boys that came along had been punished enough, lol.

Thanks, girls, for a great time! I LOVED hanging out and hope we all get to do it, again.

Jon and Big Man......... SUPER great sports and awesome guys!

Justine and I

Lil Woman and I

Brittany and I


Lil' Woman said...

I loved meeting you and I had so much fun too... I couldn't believe we were there over 3 hours...Big Man said he felt like he was in Sexy in the City blogger Edition...i hope we can get together again soon!! :)

Lil' Woman said...

P.S. I'm stealing your pics for my post!! : )

Brittany Ann said...

Seriously...could we have talked any longer???

I loved it!

And I loved meeting you! It was awesome!

And don't worry: I love you all the more for your soap opera message board obsession.

And you definitely didn't stink:)

Justine said...

Ah!! It was so fun!!! After we left Jon said "Those are definitely girls you would be friends with." Haha :)

And I second Brittany, you didn't stink! :)