Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vicks Vapor Rub........ Only for the kids

Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe, despise, and HATE Vicks Vapor Rub?

Well, I do.

I hate the smell. I hate the feel of it on my skin. I hate how my clothes stick to it. I hate how it makes my chest burn.

I hate it.

I hate it second only to sunscreen.

I blame my mom, for both hatreds. When I was a child and I went out into the sun (which was often in The Sunshine State), I was basically dipped in a vat of sunscreen every two hours. When I was a child and was ill with a respiratory problem (which was often, thanks to my severe allergies and the humidity in this state), I was slathered up one side and down the other with Vicks.

She was just being a loving and responsible parent, really.

However, the after effects are that I'd rather just stay indoors than apply sunscreen and not be able to breathe than put on Vicks.

Now, we're to the present and I've come down with this NASTY cold that has been going around. People in my building are coughing, sneezing, sniffling, talking all nasally, and are generally just miserable. We're all dropping like flies. And, of course, the fact that we all come to work like this doesn't help matters....... but, like I told one of my coworkers this morning when he told me to go home, there's too much to do that won't get done if I'm not here.

Especially, since I'm supposed to be gone on Thursday and Friday. To my most favorite place on the planet.... St. Jude. I'll go to the seminar regardless of how I'm feeling, but if I'm still sick, I can't tour the hospital. I *really* want to tour the hospital. 

Double-edged sword......... if I don't come to work, then the work that needs to be done before I leave won't get done. If I come to work, then I don't get the rest my body most likely needs to heal quickly.

I've been taking all the fluids my bladder can handle......... Upping the sleep as much as possible, assisted by Nyquil........... Dayquiling it during the day........ Ingesting Emergen-C like it's my job......... and eating lots of fruits and veggies (more than normal).

Still feeling like crap, though, my mom had two comments.........

The first, "I TOLD you that you should have gotten a Flu Shot!!"

The second, "If you use Vicks, it will help you breathe easier and sleep at night."

I protested. I whined. I complained.

Then...... I relented.

Because, at this point, I have exactly 48 hours to clear up and I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Including Vicks Vapor Rub.


Gina said...

Get. A. Neti. Pot.

It'll flush it right out. Seriously.

Brittany Ann said...

I hate Vicks too. You must feel bad if you gave in. PRayers for healing!

Emily said...

oh no:( Sounds like you are feeling how I am... hope you feel better fast

Marianne said...

omg I'm slightly obsessed with Vick's. I put a smidge under my nose every night to keep it clear. And lather it up whenever my chest is acting up. And, if you can't stop coughing, rub some on your feet, slip some socks on, and voila, coughing is gone.

Anyway, I'm assuming you got better? Can't wait to hear about the trip!