Friday, January 7, 2011

On "being a girl".....

So, a couple days ago, my friend M and I were FB chatting. She met this guy and hung out with him a little, over the weekend. She really liked spending time with him and was hoping their talks of hanging out THIS weekend would come to fruition.

Only, he was "being weird" and she wasn't sure if it was going to happen. I told her to chill and not worry about it. Go about her business and let him come to her.

FFed to today when I chat her up, again, to see how things were going.

Want to guess what happened?

I'm sure you can.

In a moment of freaking out, with no one to talk her down, she texted him. Checking to see if everything was kosher. He took it that she was psycho. And, now she's depressed because she messed something up that potentially had potential.

Then, I spent time trying to encourage her that she's not psycho..... she's just a girl........ while also cautioning her against the whole "texting your girly crazy thoughts to a male......... talk it out with another female" routine.

I suggested that if he freaks out over her "being a girl" then he's probably not right for her.

I also tried to get her to stop trying to figure everything out....... because it's hard enough to figure a guy out when you know him REALLY well. Trying to figure out a male that you barely know is just pointless.

And, despite my craziness about TG (on here and in general society), at least I know him. Like the back of my hand......... or, as much as you can know a man like the back of your hand. I don't even bother with men I don't know.

Back to M..............

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we let guys drive us to craziness?

I told her.......... "Look, just try to relax. And, in my opinion, you should never let a man see the crazy at full-force. That's why your girlfriends are there. That's why I talk it out with you and others....... so, I'm not calling up MN with all my crazy."

I almost suggested that she start a blog.

Because, as you all know, it's a great place to get out the crazy.

Which is why I'm thanking you all. For reading. For commenting. For texting. For calling.

If it weren't for you ladies and your awesomeness, I'd be all girly-psycho to a poor shlub that relocated to Minne-friggin-sota.

Because, I promise, with the exception of "The Letter", I'm actually the picture of calm, cool, and collected to the male species. Almost too much, but that's another post, entirely.


erin. said...

Good post but I'm sorry it didn't work out for her. Have a good weekend!!

Gina said...

Amen, sister.

A-to the-Men.

Pun intended.

Brittany Ann said...

Women are so so so complex. And men are so so so dumb.

It's our cross to bear.

Ugh. Being a girl is HARD.

Anonymous said...

Here's my theory on relationships: in the beginning, they're not supposed to be hard. If a guy likes a girl, she'll know it for sure. And the beginning sets the tone for the entire life of the relationship, because it will never get any easier than those first couple of months together.

Honestly? To put it right out there in the words of Jack Burger on SATC, that guy just doesn't seem into your friend. So tell her to move on and find someone who IS into her.

I know I make it seem so simple, but with the right guy, IT IS!

Emily said...

being a girl is hard.. guys never have drama!! thank you for the christmas card! I LOVED IT

Kristen said...

I agree with lessonsinlightandlife above.

It was NEVER weird like that with my husband. It was easy, open, and obvious that he liked me. Of course I was 18 and expected guys to be players, to be standoffish. He was never that way.