Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Career Question


Do any of you know of any jobs where you DON'T have to constantly defend or rationalize every action or decision you make?



I'm a logical person. I'm an over-analyzer.

I very, very rarely make a decision in any part of my life that hasn't been thought out, beforehand.

So, when my coworkers decide to not only question something, but go to management without even asking for my reasoning, I get irritated.

I get even more irritated when management then decides to make a change without even asking for my reasoning.

As in, "You made this decision. We don't like it. Do it this way, instead."

Because, more often than not, they are coming to that conclusion based off of the coworker's interpretation of my action/decision.

I feel like they aren't even considering my judgement, much less trusting it.

And, maybe that's every workplace.

Maybe I just need to accept and get over it.

If so, let me know and I'll work on it.


Melissa said...

No... I would have a huge problem with that!

Sonya said...

I've had that happen in teaching before. If people would just ask me instead of going to someone else it would just be easier. It seems to be people who really just want it their way and they think it's easier to go past the person that they should ask to someone who they think will just do what they want.

Jennifer Lynn said...

If you find such a job, please let me know

Lil' Woman said...

No, I would be upset with that too. It's just people creating more problems than necessary.