Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thoughts on EH

So, I'm a few weeks into the EH thing. I thought I'd update you guys.......

1) It's ok. It's a little difficult to feel any real sparks via a computer screen. I'm in various stages of communication with several guys and actually EH-mailing back/forth with four. Two are more consistent than the others. They both seem like nice guys. We'll see.

2) I closed a match because a guy would only answer my questions with some sort of religious answer. While I am looking for someone who is committed to their relationship with God, I highly doubt that going to church and reading the Bible were the ONLY things he did. Maybe I was being too judgemental, but I kind of was creeped out.

3) I just closed a match because of weight. In his Must Have/Can't Stands, he listed "Being Overweight" as a Can't Stand. Sorry buddy, I am not for you. I mean, yeah, I'm trying really hard to not be overweight. However, I'm going to guess that there are times when I'm heavier than others. Like, when I'm pregnant. I'll be feeling enough self-pressure to get rid of the weight. I don't need to worry about my husband leaving me because I don't go back to my pre-baby size soon enough.

Also, I took a closer look at his profile. He listed himself as 5'8"..... which I take to mean closer to 5'6". There was no option for "Shorter Than Me" on the Can't Stand list.

4) Honestly, it's all a little weird. I'm used to knowing guys (and being friends with them) before getting romantic. Which hasn't really worked for me, up to this point, but is certainly more comfortable.

***** PS - I finally joined Twitter. BlueEyes825. Just in case you've received a request and you weren't sure who I was.


Lil' Woman said...

Hopefully you find a good match!
I would have done the same thing with the other two matches.

PaigeR530 said...

I hope you find a match, but I know that mo matter how it happens, God has someone very special planned for you. You only deserve the very best, and good for you for not settling for anything less! :)

Melissa said...

Yeah, i would have closed the other two matches too! Even if i wasn't overweight! It's one thing to prefer a thin girl but to say "can't stand"?!?!? That's scary to any girl! You never know what having a baby, etc, will do to you! And people who can ONLY talk about religion have issues. I love God with all my heart but it's hard to relate to someone who has nothing else in common w/ you!

Gina said...

Good for you for closing those matches. Also? go on a date so we can get some real juicy stories. ;)