Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Good Problem To Have.....


My name is Jessica and very often my clothes are falling off of me.

See, I don't like to spend a whole lot of money on clothes. Especially when I don't intend on staying that size for very long.

Case in point.........

I'd been wearing the same jeans for a really, really long time. The dryer was my friend.

As I lost weight, however, I'd have to wash and dry them after every wearing. Not because they were super dirty, but because they'd get too loose to wear a second time.

Then, it got to the point where as soon as I put them on, I'd constantly have to pull them up.

On Black Friday, Old Navy was having a killer deal on jeans and pants. So, I broke down and bought several new pairs. It was an uh-mazing feeling to walk around and NOT have to hold my pants up.

Fast-forward to July........ I'm not quite four months into WW and am down 13 lbs (slow, but steady). The last time I measured, I was down quite a bit and that was well over 6 weeks ago.

Straight to the point......... my clothes are falling off of me, again. My "skinny" jeans from Black Friday are becoming baggier and baggier. By noon, I'm hefting them up. Thank goodness for jeggings....... even though they are baggier than jeggings should be, they are still form fitting and don't look like a potato sack on me.

I'm not ready to go out and spend a bunch of money, just yet. So, I'm slowly weeding out my closet.

Last week, I put on an outfit. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a garbage bag on my body. So, I promptly took the outfit off and started a "These Don't Fit Anymore" pile.

I added to the pile yesterday when the same thing happened with another whole outfit. I figure that by the end of the summer, I'll have most of my too large clothes out of my closet.

One of my coworkers has threatened to take me clothes shopping and force me to try on everything she throws at me. I told her to wait another 10 lbs and then I'd be game. 

Like I said, at least it's a good problem to have!!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

It is a good problem to have...but annoying! BEEN THERE. Can relate.

Luckily, I bought 4 pairs of target jeans that were on clearance for 4.97 and then had $5 off coupons so I got 4 pairs FREE which helped me during my transitioning times.

The thing that sucks is as you lose weight, and still have a decent amount to go, you are in SUCH limbo...its so hard! Trust me, I relate.

Linda said...

That's the best problem to have! Congrats on your weight loss.

Marianne said...

Wish I had that problem!!! So proud of and happy for you and can't wait until you reach your final goal! I really want to join WW but I just don't have the time to track my food and all that crap right now, but at least I'm making healthy choices.

Lil' Woman said...

My clothes are going in the opposite direction,

Gina said...

I do a LOT of thrift store shopping because of this. I get some great brand-name like-new stuff at Goodwill and the like!