Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rest In Peace

I'm not one to get political, in person or on my blog.

I very rarely debate or speculate or give my opinion on things of importance.

Condiments? Who Ashley should have kicked off of The Bachelorette? Whether NSYNC was better or worse than the Backstreet Boys (better.... way better)?

Those topics I will fight to the death about.

But serious stuff?

Not me.

Because, I try to recognize that I really know nothing about those topics. I know what the media or politicians want me to know.

However, I do have a few things to say about this little girl.............

Look at her. Look at her big brown eyes and her cute little pigtails and her chubby little cheeks that I just want to squeeze.

I am heartbroken for her.

Sad because she was born into a family of loons that have disrespected her memory for the past three years. She was an innocent little girl that had no choice and paid a price.

Living in the land of this case and this trial, it's all anyone I know has talked about. My family and I spent most of the weekend with the TV on in the background, while the local news had it on nonstop.

For weeks, my station has had TVs tuned to the proceedings. Various coworkers were addicted to the coverage.

I even remember her sweet little face on the local news while they were looking for her.

I look at the picture of her in her Belle dress and think about the little girls I love. How all of them have worn a princess dress just like that. How, despite the fact that they are not my children, I would have to be dragged off of anyone who ever hurt them.

And, I think about that little child's mother.

Who, I fully believe, KNOWS what happened.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not 100% convinced that Casey did kill Caylee.

I'm really not.

I haven't been convinced from the beginning and the prosecution couldn't convince me, either.

So, sadly, I understand why the jury couldn't get her for murder. I mean, they still can't tell anyone how that little girl actually died.

I disagree about the child abuse charge. Personally, I feel that waiting 31 days to notify anyone that your child is missing, while you're out partying, is child abuse.

So, yeah, I'm not convinced that Casey killed Caylee. I couldn't say beyond a shadow of a doubt that she killed her.

However, I am convinced that she knows what happened. I'm also convinced that it made her life a little easier, in her mind, to no longer have a child to worry about. I'm convinced that she knows what happened and told a web of lies to distract people from the truth. I'm convinced that she has let her child's death and the search for justice become a three ring circus, all because she's more comfortable with lies.

I'm convinced that years from now, Casey Anthony will have gone on with her life. Possibly gotten a new tatoo about her beautiful life.

And, she still won't fully comprehend the gorgeous, sacred gift she was given in Caylee. 

Despite the nastiness she was born into on this Earth, I'm convinced that God has some very special angels taking care of Caylee in Heaven.

And, that is the only thing I'm thankful for.


Lil' Woman said...

Bless her heart..Rest In Peace Caylee

Krystal said...

Great post. I think what angers me is that everyone seems to be an EXPERT on forensic evidence and the judicial system, they are totally criticizing the jury. They're mad at the wrong people.