Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dial vs Digital.... and, how I lost 4.4 lbs overnight...

Last week, my friend who managed the Curves I was a member of FBed me............ "Curves closed down today."

As I was just there the day before and I had called her at said Curves that morning while she was working the morning shift, I was slightly shocked.

Turns out, during their lunch closing, they had a "Quarterly Meeting." At that meeting, they were given their last paycheck, unemployment papers, letters of reference, and a sign to put on the door. My friend, who went to work that morning expecting to work a double shift, was devastated. Besides me and a couple other personal friends, she didn't have any of the ladies' numbers and no way of getting in contact with them to say good-bye.

Like I said, I was taken aback. I had a routine that worked for me. I'd go to Curves at least 3 days a week for the machines and then I'd go to the Y 2-4 times a week for cardio. It may have seemed silly to some to go to two gyms (I didn't pay for two.... I get a Y membership through work), but it broke up some of the monotony. Not only did I get to see my friend several times a week, but I had made friends with other ladies there. Also, I didn't have to think about what machine to use next.

Overall, I figured I would be ok. I still had the Y. Sure, it would be a pain to figure out their machines and get into a new routine, but I'd live. Sidenote: It HAS been a pain. A big one.

Fast-forward to this week. It hit me that my source of weight and measurement tracking would be gone. I always got weighed and measured at Curves. I didn't even own a scale.

Plus, I knew that the Y scales weigh me heavier (according to the Curves scale AND the Dr's scale), so I didn't want to use that all the time.

It was time to buy a scale.

Yesterday, after lunch, I ran by Wal-Mart. Mama M was with me and said that she just had a cheapo dial scale. I bought the $8 one and we went on with our day. Later in the afternoon, I decided to try it out. In my office. Only, when I stepped on it, the thing was so tiny, you couldn't tell what it said. I mean, you could tell what 5 lb range you were in, but you couldn't tell the exact number.


As soon as work was over, I drove directly to that same Wal-Mart and exchanged for a digital scale. One with a slightly larger screen.

I proceeded to the gym. When I got home, I got it out and worked through the instructions to figure out how to get it to track my weight, etc.

The good news was that I could see perfectly what the scale was reading for my weight.

The bad news was the actual number it said I weighed. I slightly panicked. "That cannot be right. I couldn't have gained 3 lbs over the past week."

This morning, as soon as I got up, I got back on. Down 3.4 lbs. "That's better."

I went about my morning routine. Maybe this is TMI, but when I peed, I peed a lot. I hadn't thought about it before I weighed, because I didn't feel the urge to go.

Well, after hopping on again, I realized just how worth it, it was. Down another full pound. "Thank you, Jesus."


Busy Momma said...

on the hcg diet, they instruct you to only weigh once a day...first thing in the morning after you completely empty your bladder :) so stay with that!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how a little liquid can weigh so much!

Good job on the weight loss! I'm proud of you!