Thursday, February 21, 2013

Convos with TG

You guys may not really care (or enjoy) my Convos with TG..... However, they crack me up.

Like my text exchanges with Heidi, TG and I literally just fall into these weird banters. And, they make me laugh. Mainly because no matter what or when I text him, he will have some sort of retort.

So, without further ado...................

The One Where Jess Was Tipsy..... Even While She Was Texting

The One Where Jess Gets Worried About The Asian Children In Cirque Du Soleil

Disclaimer: I actually did wonder about the kids and was concerned that night. And, the day after. Truly, this is how my mind works. Please know that any off-color remarks about living in closets were not to be taken seriously..... or, how we feel about Asia or Asians.

Also, he never calls me Jessica. Only when he is being an absolute smartass.

The One Where Jess And TG Gossip

The One Where Jess Has An Incompetent Intern

Disclaimer: I do not plan on actually shooting my intern. Or, anyone else.

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LWLH said...

Haha, you guys have quite the banter! :)