Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musings

Life. Life has been crazy. 

I always seem to think that after the holidays, life will slow down. But, it doesn't. January is crazy, which then leads to a crazy February.

I'm hopeful that once Radiothon is over (this week.... cross your fingers and pray), I'll have time to breathe. And, you know, blog.

But, I think I tend to think that every year, as well.


It's official. I hate beer.

Saturday night, I went to a Craft Beer Festival. I tried lots of different beers and hated all but two (an apple beer and a pear beer).

Most of them tasted like tar and the others tasted like lighter fluid.

I gave it the old college try. But, mainly, I just managed to entertain my sister and BIL with the faces I made when I tried them.


Last week, TG had a web chat deal. Being the supportive friend I am, I tuned in. 

Then, I texted him with my thoughts. Like, the fact that it was really frustrating to hear him and his other web chat hosts talking but not be able to talk back.... and that his choice of a white shirt made him glow like Casper the Glowing Ghost.

I saw him pick up his phone, read my texts, chuckle to himself, and then set his phone down.

Little shit.


Yesterday, I did nothing but catch up on General Hospital and watch movies.

First, I'm super excited about the return of all the GH legends. It makes me happy.


I love that movie (Crazy, Stupid Love), but more importantly.... I love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in that movie.

Like, I sort of want to be Hannah..... marching into a bar, yelling at the guy, grabbing him into a kiss, and then basically changing his life. You know, being the one for which he changes his scoundrel ways.


Sonya said...

Crazy Stupid Love is one of my favorites!

Jessica Eustace said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find out more about it on my blog.

LWLH said...

Love that movie too and RG shirtless, yes please!