Friday, March 15, 2013

Blurbs... Thoughts.... Semi-Consciousness

I have a major work event tomorrow. Like, huge.

Where a lot could go wrong.

And, I have to spend a nice chunk of the day in the presence of BSG.... Thanks a lot, FD.

Is it Sunday, yet?


This week has been a workout FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.

I started having allergy issues on Friday. By Saturday night, I couldn't breathe through my nose, was feeling heavy in my lungs, and had to sleep on the couch all propped up. By Monday, I was in full blown sinus infection. Tuesday, I went to the Dr and came out with a ZPack, allergy meds, and something for the nasty fever blister I'd developed on my lip.

My nights have consisted of Neti Pot and a bunch of sleep.

As of now, I'm still snotty (gross) but it's manageable, my voice is slightly hoarse but on the mend, and my fever blister is 3/4 healed. Here's hoping for full recovery in the next 36 hours.

Why I even bothered to set workout goals for myself is beyond me.


I love Grey's Anatomy. Like, it's so good this season.


Beyond preparing for our major work event, things have been INSANE all of 2013 the past couple of weeks .

Last week, we had several different events. This week, we had one event in the office.

Three of them included celebrities.....

Tracy Lawerence

Brantley Gilbert

Sheryl Crow...... YES.... Sheryl Crow.


Lindsey said...

So cool that you met Cheryl Crow and Brantley Gilbert!!! Also, feel better!!! Being sick is no fun!

A Country Girls World said...

Brantley Gilbert is my future husband lol I met him in 2011 .... after that it was just love at first sight :P

Sarah M. said...

HOW FUN! Hope you even goes well.

LWLH said...

Good luck with your work event!! :)