Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Wonderings

I'm really glad that 'The Voice' is back on! I didn't watch the first two seasons, but got hooked last season.

Also? I *LOVE* Usher and Shakira. As amusing as I found Ceelo, I love me some Usher. And, please do not ever bring back Christina. Shakira is funny and so less diva-ish.


Speaking of divas.... As much as I love Keith Urban, I just can't watch 'American Idol.' 

NM just ruins it.


Someone referred to me as popular the other day.

I actually laughed.

That is a term that has never been applied to me. Ever.

I've never been one of the "cool" kids. I have lots of friends and have a lot of fun, but am definitely never a part of "the in crowd."

I just thought it was so funny.


Last week, my family went to Via Napoli at Epcot for Noah's birthday. The only other time I've been was with Kristen and her husband.

Their pizza is amazing........


Based off of my FB newsfeed, I have an amazing amount of politically vocal friends.

And, based off of the fact that they are pretty much split down the middle of the equal or not equal profile pictures, I have a wide variety of friends with a wide variety of views.

I'm guessing that means that I'm pretty awesome and able to have friends that don't necessarily share my opinion. (Kidding. Kind of)


My uncle sent me a 5 lb bag of Gummi Bears. I can't remember the last time I ate Gummi Bears.

My WW self and my PMS self are currently at war.


Busy Momma said...

Dad sent us a 5lb bag of gummi bears too! It was so funny the night before I saw a commercial for gummi bears and I was like mmm! Then thought, how weird, I haven't thought of gummi bears in years! Then fedex dropped off a package full of them! ... Then the neighborhood kids were like " well heyyy what do you have there that is all gummi and sweet" lol. not really but sorta, they immediately knew of the yummi gummi in my house

Sonya said...

Via Napoli is at the top of my list to eat at when we visit Disney again. It looks delicious!

LWLH said...

5 lbs of gummi bears.....uhhhh yes, please, and thank you!!! Nom.