Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Thursday: Pet Peeves

I've been slightly out of it, lately.... Or, I feel like I've been slightly out of it.

However, this week's edition of Random Thursday was up my alley.....

Pet Peeves.......

Hearing People Chew - It. Drives. Me. Insane. I can't stand loud chewers.

"I Could Care Less." - I fight myself not to correct them. It is COULDN'T care less.

Rubbing Pages - When someone has a book or stack of papers, it makes me cringe when they rub the paper between their fingers before turning the page.

The "Walk Into A Room While Starting A Conversation Regardless Of The Fact That A Conversation May Already Be In Progress" - My family and my coworkers are pretty horrible about this. I may be the only one who experiences it more often than not. A couple weeks ago, my intern timed it.... within 15 minutes, SEVEN people entered my office mid-sentence, completely interrupting the conversation actually happening in my office. We never actually finished a conversation and I got so annoyed that I just stopped talking to everyone.

I have others, but those are the four that come to mind.


meg @ you're meaghan me crazy! said...

ahh the couldn't care less one!!
seriously people think about that sentence before you say it!
thanks for linking up!

Melissa said...

HAHA! One time someone was complaining about the couldn't care less one, and i was like, "but i think COULD care less could work, b/c you're like, "i could care less", like -- (pause) -- OH. You're right." HAHAHA!

That last one - i know what you mean - it is RUDE & annoying! And it doesn't happen to me all the time but i can remember in the past stopping them & saying "can i finish this conversation first, please? Thanks!" RUDE!

M. said...

The "couldn't care less" one. A thousand times yes. Drives me nuts. The rubbing pages thing doesn't bug me so much, but the licking their fingers before turning every page thing does bug me. Particularly if it's a report or something I then have to handle. Gross.
Thanks for linking up with us!