Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings

I'm so tired today. And, in a foul mood.

No particular reason for the foulness. Just foul


Just for the record..... I am a Virgo. This morning, I actually got told that I was a Leo and that I was mistaken in thinking I was a Virgo.

Not that I really give much credance to all of that, but I believe I would know my own sign.

My birthday is August 25th. That makes me a Virgo.

(Also.... the owner of our company whose birthday is August 23rd? He's a Virgo, too, despite the same people also claiming he was a Leo.)


Saturday was Bridal Party Day for Billie Jo. I still haven't blogged about her engagement story, but we just had so much fun on Saturday and picked out the prettiest dresses.

We are going with the coral color (on the left), which will be sooooo pretty. I really like the soft pink in the dress I tried on, too. I guess if I'm ever in need of a soft, light pink dress, I know where to go to get one, lol.

OH! And, I found out that I'm Maid of Honor! I'm pretty sure it is so that she didn't have to choose between her three sisters, but I'm still honored/excited and will take it!


 So, I 100% waited until the last day to do my taxes.

Here's hoping for refunds for everyone!

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