Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Thursday Times Two

So, last week, I had my Random Thursday all ready to go. Only, when I checked into my own blog on Friday night, stupid Blogger never published my post! Thus, you are getting two weeks of Randoms in one. I worked really hard last Wednesday to remember to take these random documentations of my day, darnit.

This week........

Normally, I would try to find pictures of all these things, but since I have a bunch of pics below, we will go without.......

Thursday Nights on ABC - Specifically from 9p - 11p. 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal' are must-sees every week. So, really, I'm just addicted to Shonda Rimes' genius.

Tervis Cups - No joke.... I personally have about 8 in varying sizes. I carry two of them in with me, everyday. One for coffee and one for water.

'General Hospital' - And, 'All My Children'..... I was ADDICTED-probably-should-have-sought-counseling for years. Over the past several years, I've been a now-and-then watcher. However, with the return of AMC online and the 50th Anniversary of GH, I've found myself hooked again.

Lauren Conrad - Basically, anytime I walk into Kohl's, I walk out with a pair of LC heels or dress or top.

New York & Company - At this point, about half my wardrobe is from NY&C. I am constantly wearing their super-soft jeggings (so.stinking.soft.and.comfy.and.flattering.). Their camis and cardigans are a work staple for me. Plus? They have ridiculous sales. You can get clothes cheaper there than at WalMart.

Vera Bradley - Keeping in mind that I haven't bought anything new in a while (a long while, now that I think about it), basically every accessory I own is VB. If you looked in my (VB) purse, you would find six other VB items (wallet, keychain, change purse, etc) all in different patterns.

Those are the addictions I can think of. And? I consider it personal success that I can't say I'm addicted to anything food related. That is HUGE for me.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 7:30 am - Finally stop hitting 'snooze' and get out of bed. Make said bed and hop in the shower.

8:15 am - Pack gym bag.....

..... outfit of the day......

8:40 am - Grab my water and coffee and head out the door for work

9 am - Get into my office, turn on computer, and start going through emails. Take phone calls, collect contest sheets from my morning shows, and get all the prizes down to the front desk.

9:45 am - Chill for a minute (again) as two coworkers decide to stop in my office for social time (again..... this happens frequently in my office, especially in the mornings)

10:30 am - Head out for a client meeting......

Yep.... This is how I feel about said client meeting.......

12:30pm - Meet Billie Jo for lunch

1:30pm - Back to work. Gorgeous view walking into the backside of the building, huh?

2pm - My intern A shows up for the day. After a brief catch-up, we both start handling various odd jobs. Thankfully, it's a fairly slow week with only one major promotional event (which requires no paperwork!!).

5pm - I cut A loose early and wait for 5:30.

5:30pm - Head home!!!

7pm - Decide to skip the gym in favor of celebrating my BIL's promotion!!! He found out that afternoon and we all decided to go to a delicious hole-in-the-wall-but-local-treasure BBQ place.....

One of my favorite things about this place.... They serve endless bowls of pickles, lol.

9pm - Home and on the couch.... Watch a recorded NCIS and catch up on reading blogs.

10:30pm - Bedtime!!!


Katrin said...

Oh, I love to watch Grey's Anatomy too! Can't wait for the next episode!

Lin said...

Thursday nights are my favorite nights because of Greys & Scandal. Although, Greys has been going a little down hill for me lately. Meh.

Oooh, we get two posts? Sweet! Your day seems a lot like mine; home, work, home. One thing I wish we had around here though, those endless pickles. Pickles are the best!

Thanks a ton for linking up with us :)

M. said...

Thursday is a great TV night - in addition to those two - ELEMENTARY! I'm impressed at how organized you are. I rarely actually make the bed in the morning. I just kind of roll out the side and hope it looks relatively tidy! Nevermind the gym....

Glad you shared last week's with us too, and thanks for linking up!

Martha Hokenson said...

Now I'm craving pickles!

Simone @ Busy as a Honey Bee said...

Um Southern California needs a place that's rates endless pickles! I LOVE me some pickles! Your blog is adorable! New follower from the link up!


LWLH said...

AMC is back online?!? I'll def. have to check this out!

meg @ you're meaghan me crazy! said...

endless bowl of pickles are you serious! most random/best thing I've ever heard of!
I'm assuming that's a Tervis cup that you're addicted to? I love and want one!
thanks so much for linking up, two in one is the best!