Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings

Yet another packed weekend just passed. It was a good one, but it was PACKED.

Friday night, was our cities' annual swan races. Long story, but it's a fun event. Last year, FD and I raced..... him with a bum knee (that he eventually got surgery on) and me with a stomach flu (I hadn't eaten in two days). We still beat three other teams, which I thought was a major coup. This year? Two perfectly healthy men in our swan and they came in last.

Two of my DJs getting ready to race a swan. They got killed.

FD and BSG were there. :/ I'm killing this girl with kindness, but she basically acts like she wishes I weren't. They really are the most awkward couple I've ever seen......... and, at this point, it has been a year. 

How much longer is this going to last???

Anyway, my favorite part of the evening was running into this beautiful lady....

Kelley is our former youth pastor's wife. I haven't seen her in forever and I miss her SO much. She is one of the few people that are/were from my church that I feel like I can be real and imperfect with. We chatted for a little bit, with promises of a night out soon. Seriously made my night.


Saturday, the 21 and ups had a Girls Day.... We went to a winery that was having a little festival. Super fun. Then, we did lunch at Cracker Barrel, went home and napped, I scrubbed my bathroom from ceiling to floor, worked out for two hours, and then had a movie night with the girls.

I personally was proud of how much I got accomplished in one day.

Our tasting cups.......


Yesterday, I went with Billie Jo and two of her sisters to a big Bridal Show. It was fun, but there were NOT enough cake/food vendors. Seriously, for every one cake vendor, there were two DJ services, two florists, a photobooth rental, and three photographers. Not enough cake. I mean, isn't that really why we go to those things?

While I do love a good photobooth.....

My favorite vendor, by far, was a company that has photographers take photos throughout the reception and then turns them all into magnets for your guests to take as they leave....

Also, I thought this centerpiece was so pretty.....


Did anyone watch the season finale of  'The Good Wife' last night?

Somehow, I *knew* who was going to be on the other side of that door when she opened it, at the end.


I'm so happy that it's May Sweeps and all the good stuff is happening on TV, but it also means they are all ending.

At least I have 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'The Bachelorette' coming on soon, right?


I have decided that far too many men in this world are spineless jellyfish. Like, for real.


Gina said...

When does The Bachelorette start?????

Denise Marie said...

Busy girl!! thanks for the photo help! Blessings..Denisemarie

Sonya said...

I totally have to watch the Good Wife now! I've been recording them all season long and I have yet to watch. I will have to start soon!