Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Thursday: Make-Up

I'm not exactly a cosmetologist or even a heavy make-up wearer (on most weekends, I don't wear a spec), but I've gotten down a routine over the past couple years. Usually, I get complimented on my make-up... that it looks natural, blah, blah, blah.

Before I get down to the specifics, I feel the need to point out that I have three make-up bags. They are filled with the exact same products.... one for my house, one for my car, and one for my office. The house bag actually does have a LOT more in it (my different eyeshadows, a couple of specialty eyeliners, etc), but I use that one less. Typically, I do my make-up on my way to work or when I first get there.

Also to note....... I'm completely disloyal to any one brand, but completely set on these certain products. If I deviate, it is only because they have discontinued the product. I'm a drugstore mish-mash.


When I was about 24, my previously acne-free skin exploded on me. I had to go to Proactiv and have kept up with it. I only do the whole regimen in the mornings. I follow up with Oil of Olay for Combo/Oily Skin SPF 15.

Or, if I'm being really lazy, I use Neutrogena Night Time Make-Up Remover Cloths.

A couple times a month, I will do a deep cleaning mask. I really like the Refining Mask from Proactiv.




I *swear* by this!!! I *ONLY* use Revlon Colorstay Overtime. My typical color is Infinite Raspberry. Some of my coworkers are constantly reapplying their lipstick. Once I put this stuff on, it is ON for the rest of the day. If I do put some more on in the evening, it doesn't come off until I shower in the morning. Once, I was on a cruise with some friends. I'd reapplied my make-up before dinner.... the next morning, my friend Amy wanted to know if I had put on lipstick prior to showering or if my lipstick was really that good.

For eyeliner, I typically use whatever black liner I can find first on that particular trip. That is the only thing I don't have a preference with. Also, I do have a couple of specialty eyeliners that go with the I-Color Series.

Those are my daily staples. If I'm dressing up or going to a special event, I will add eye shadow. I use the Almay Intense I-Color Series. I use the colors for Blues.



Gina said...

Yep. That Revlon lipstick is the bomb dot comb. I use a different shade but I love it. I also use a similar one by Avon.

meg m said...

definitely going to have to try that lipstick! I like low maintenance lip colour. can never remember to put it on.
I'm like you I don't really have preferences I just use what I have until it's gone.
thanks so much for linking up!

Midwayedancer said...

I will have to try those lipsticks. I use Mary Kay but am looking for something long wearing.

Martha Woods said...

I never used to understand girls fussing over makeup cloths. Then I bought some and realized what a lifesaver they are for a lazy girl like me!!!! Love!!