Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Thursday: Desert Island

you're meaghan me crazy

I am so practical that I fear this will be the most boring list ever.....

1) Sunscreen - Like, a whole case of it. My fair-skinned self needs SPF.

2) An umbrella - A huge one. It could triple as a tent, a sun protector, and rain deterrent.

3) Water - Again, a case of it. Hydration, people. Once I was done with the bottles, I would make them into light reflectors to try to get someone to get me off the island.

4) IPod with a self-charger - A self-charging IPod may not exist, yet, but I'd want one. Between music, movies, and books on there, at least I would have some entertainment.

5) A sleeping bag with attached pillow -  So that I can sleep in relative comfort.


Martha Woods said...

Water and sunscreen, yes! Couldn't drink all that salty sea water.

Gina said...

You forgot one.


Katrin said...

Sunscreen, that's a good idea! I forgot about that!

Lin said...

Sunscreen is definitely a must. The sleeping bag however, something I never thought about taking one with me. Love it!

Thanks for linking up this week :)

meg m said...

how did I not remember a sleeping bag/pillow!?
thanks for linking up!!