Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things Heard Coming From My Office..........

 My boss' (well, one of them.... I technically have three) office is right next door to mine. Generally, our communication consists of talking loudly to one another.

While I'm basically a pretty smart person, I know my limits. Or, I at least want to get a second opinion before I send off a witty text or sarcastic email.

Some questions include, but are not limited to.......

"Hey M.... How do you spell Bueller?"

"Hey M.... Can we take this song that is playing right now out of rotation? Carnival uses it in their commercials and now I want to go on a cruise."

"Hey M.... You know when you just go crazy, psychotic on someone or something? Is that going Harry Carey, like the person, or is it Harakiri, like the Japanese suicide ritual of disembowelment?"

"Hey M.... Why do companies use animals as a product to hold things together? Like, Gorilla Glue and Duck Tape?".... "Well, I believe that is actually D-U-C-T tape."

Believe it or not, he usually answers my questions with a straight face.

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