Monday, October 7, 2013

Lesson #7 - Take Care Of Your Teeth

We learn this from a young age. It is shoved down our throats (sometimes literally) to brush our teeth multiple times a day. Floss. Use mouthwash. Get braces. Get regular check-ups.

It isn't until you are an adult that it truly sinks in how important all that really is.

Especially, if you work for a country radio station.

There are a lot of people who didn't take all that brushing to heart (thankfully, I was always scared to death of cavities and gum disease).

Teeth are something that I'm 100% vain about. I admit it. Smiles/teeth are the #1 thing I notice on a guy. Bad teeth is a deal breaker for me.

So, that is my lesson this Monday. 

Take Care Of Your Teeth.

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