Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I am a week behind on the 31 Days. #31DayFail

Maybe I will catch up and maybe I won't. We will see.


Men suck. Especially the men that I have given nicknames to on this blog. They both suck and I'm pretty sure I want them out of my life.

I *think* for real, this time.


I haven't done anything resembling exercise since my ten mile run.

In fact, today, I pushed 'snooze' for TWO HOURS.

That's right. I was too lazy to get up and I was also too lazy to reset my alarm.


Part of me thinks I may be a little on the depressed side. Not full on doom and gloom, but definitely bluesy.

I'm trying to come out of it, but it feels like hits just keep coming and I am trying to roll with them.


Unrelated, but convenient to, the past few weeks of debacle..... I'm dyeing my hair this afternoon. For the first time ever. I've gotten highlights about once every 6-8 months for the past ten years, but I've never fully colored my hair.

While I have been planning this since July (truly, I have had this appointment since July), the actual happening couldn't have been better planned.

I need a change. Let's start with my hair.


Sunday night, I went to dinner with Billie Jo's family at Chef Mickey's. Afterward, we were able to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks on top of Bay Lake (connected to The Contemporary.... part of Disney Vacation Club). It was fun and magical....

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Tammy Jo said...

Nothing better than changing your hair color to change your outlook on life :)