Thursday, July 23, 2009

Um... eww

So, a while ago, Mojito Maven posted about digusting sweat puddles at the gym. It was one of those posts that resonate so much that you think of it every time you see a pool of sweat.

Well, I've actually experienced something even more putrid.

Today, I'm at the gym and the only available Elliptical machine is in between two men. One is breathing rather heavily. The other is sweating profusely.... enter the sweat puddle. I promised myself that I would put on my IPod and just stare straight ahead, ignoring my neighbors.

Then, I start smelling something. It was rather strong. It smelled a lot like Body Odor.

Yes. One of those men had not worn deodorant. I spent 30 minutes trying desperately to breathe through my mouth. I also did everything possible not to outright gag.


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