Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Figuring it out"... and a whole lot of other fun summer stuff...

So, other than working out, what have I been up to over the past few weeks?........ (at the very bottom there is an update regarding "The Guy"... just saying, lol)

1) Watching "Big Brother"

I seriously love this show. It's one of the 6 reasons I like summer. Between BB and 'So You Think You Can Dance' I'm always fully entertained every summer. It's completely addicting.

So far.... this year isn't the worst (um, hello, Season 9 - the Winter Edition), but it's not the best (imo, Season 2, 7, and 8 - Boogie/Will and The Donatos are always my favorite).

Who I like:

Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, Laura, and Casey

These two are so cute!!! I'm almost willing to say that they are cuter than Nick/Dani from Season 8, in the showmance department.

Who I can't stand:

Natalie, Jessie (seriously... I hated him last year... why is he back?), Chima, and Ronnie

Who I'm still on the fence about:

Lydia, Kevin, and Russell

2) 4th of July and other summer activites

Besides work, I've been out and about. July 3rd, I went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with some friends. It was a LONG day, but we had so much fun. July 4th - I was invited to 2 different parties, so that made for a busy day. One was with some work friends and the other was personal friends. We had a good time at both!

I also headed over to St Pete for another Rays game. Once again, I forgot my camera and only got a phone photo with the person sitting next to me, lol.

Me and Ash at 90's Night at the Tropicana

3) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I love Harry Potter. I just do. So, naturally, I went to see it twice the first weekend it was out. I really enjoyed it!!

This weekend, I'm planning on "The Ugly Truth"... can't wait for that one!!

4) Gaylord Palms and Blue Man Group

Technically, this was work, but it was super fun work. We had a remote at Gaylord Palms.... they were A-MAZING!!!! I adore working with them and hope we get to more, in the future!

Then, later that evening, we had tickets to see Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando Resort. We've been working with them and the morning shows were set to interview them, so they were kind enough to supply us with tickets. It was a lot of fun. Personally, I prefer Cirque... I think there's more to see and you can easily see it multiple times. Blue Man is fun, but kind of a "once you've seen it, you've seen it" event.

5) "The Guy"

Not a whole lot of major changes between the two of us, but there's been some big changes with him. He's been going through a rough time the past few months. While it's hard on him, he's really maturing and growing. Hopefully, it lasts. He's surrounding himself with what seems to be really great people.... I can tell that he's seeing things differently. It's actually really amazing to watch and be a part of. Again, I pray that it lasts.

Meanwhile, we were at a monthly work birthday party and when I left, he followed me. "I need to get some tickets from you."

We were chit-chatting as we walked up the stairs and then when we got up to the top, he started getting silly (I turn left to go to my office.... he turns right to get to his cubicle)....

"That's right, I'm following you. Yep, I'm following you. And, I'm not going to stop until I get what I want from you."

Well, what was I to do, but turn my flirt on?

"Oh, really? And what is it exactly that you want from me?"

Come on, people. Flirting 101. Not hard and still under the guise of joking around.

"I haven't quite figured that out, yet."

Well, then.

I let it go... we got into my office and switched to the topic of what tickets he was wanting. But, I found that interesting.

I still get frustrated with him. I'm still not sure where I stand with him. I still pray every night that God shows me what His plan for me is in this situation. We'll see.

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The Pink Tutu said...

Sounds like you've been up to lots of fun things! I haven't been to Universal in a while. Blue Man group is quite an experience! I was just glad I didn't get grabbed up onto stage when i saw it ha.