Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Now... that.... I.... can.... daaaa-aaaance"

I have some amazing coworkers who are also friends. We tend to have great fun (whether we're supposed to or not).

Mama M is a woman of a mysterious age. She won't reveal it to anyone. However, LA and I say at least once a month, "I SO want to be M, when I grow up." We absolutely adore her.

Back in June, I went to this fairly well-known dining room with Mama M and her husband. We had such a good time and when LA found about it, she declared that we needed to make a Girls' Night out of going to this particular establishment. After a little research, we found the perfect date.......... August 21st when the group that sang "Do You Love Me?" from Dirty Dancing was going to be performing.

So, we got all gussied up and made our way to the Grand Ballroom.

Me, Mama M, and LA

Mama M and LA..... I love these two!

M was so sneaky! My birthday was a few days later and she got everyone in on it. She snuck presents in, got the whole ballroom in on it, and declared the start of my birthday celebration!

LA is literally one of the funniest people on the planet. I wish everyone could hear the things that come out of her mouth, lol.

Once dinner was over, the group came out. They sang all sorts of Motown hits, as well as "Do You Love Me?" and other songs from Dirty Dancing. We hit the dance floor early on and almost never left. However, there was someone on the floor whose spotlight we couldn't begin to steal...........

Oh, yes. She was serious. Pink Marilyn owned the room and was almost better entertainment than the band!

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