Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!!!

So, I know that Fall started a week ago, however, in the Sunshine State it just started feeling like Fall, today.

YAY for October!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, the incredibly creative Katie put together a Fall Bucket List.

Slight aside......
Have I ever mentioned that I'm super envious of creative people?
I am.
Katie is one of those creative people.
I am creative in the sense that I can think of an idea. I am crafty in the sense that I can execute an idea. However, I am not able to do both at the same time. I can think of an idea, but not execute it OR I can execute someone else's idea.
Hence, I'm jealous of those who can think of a great idea AND bring it to life.
End aside.
I love Fall. However, Fall is my busiest time of year. I tend to get so caught up in work that my favorite season passes me by.
The idea of a list where I get to check off different things..... where I make an effort to take advantage of the fun things you can do in Fall..... is right up my alley.
In Florida, we don't have a typical Fall. We have no colorful falling leaves. We have no apple trees. But, we have other fun things to do which I put on my own personal list......
* eat pumpkin pancakes
* girls' night out
* corn maze
* trip to Savannah, GA
* decorate cupcakes with Lydia
* attend a football game
* bake a pie
* walk outdoors a lot (since it's not so gross outside)
* caramel apples
* pick/carve a pumpkin
* "Black Friday" shopping
Nice Fall, huh?
Already I've achieved GNO, HHN, and the Corn Maze (and I don't have a single picture from any of them..... *sigh*). I'll most likely be doing HHN and the maze, again, before the month is over (note to self - bring camera).
Here's hoping I'll lots of fun stuff to post about throughout the next two months, while I work through my little list!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I wish I could get away with saying "ya'll" for this phrase alone (your title), hehe. Glad you're accomplishing stuff from your list because we certainly are struggling :/

Sonya said...

The food and wine festival is on my list of to-do's some time in my life! I would LOVE to go! It's sad to think that I could have gone when I worked there in college and didn't! I could have gone every night!

Lil' Woman said...

I just printed out Katie's list today and put it in a frame.

I must admit though, I do miss not be able to go to the Food and Wine Festival any more :(