Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Sillies

I was going through my pics (trying to figure out what post updates I still need to do) and I refound this picture of Emma and I from Disney On Ice. Love.


About a month ago, I got to visit Meg and her darlings. Love them, too.


I'm the type of person who loves to take one bite of the pizza. The point of it, if you will.

Yes, I'm that person.


I work with a bunch of smart asses..........

..... and I love it.

I posted this on FB and then later in the day an even better one went up. I need to get a pic of it.


There's nothing more pitiful than a sick 2 year old.

I spent most of last night cuddled on the couch with Lydia, who is getting over strep throat, a sinus infection, AND a double ear infection.

All she wanted to do was lay there and watch Snow White.


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Happy Saturday, Everyone!

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