Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maybe Not Such A Distraction

I've never been the fickle type. My middle and high school friends can attest that I liked the same boy all throughout my teens. Ten years later, after seeing said boy at my reunion, I still support that. We're clearly not meant for one another, but he was (and still is) the type of guy any mother would be ok with their daughter liking. He was just a good guy. And, there weren't any other better prospects, so I stuck with him.

Throughout college, I rarely paid attention to men. Sure, on occasion, one would catch my eye. However, it really wasn't anything to write home about. Flirtation, really.

Then, I met "The Guy."

You all know about him, right? No need to rehash.

Over the past several months, I've stayed in touch with him, but am moving on. To be perfectly frank, we're still playing the same games we've been playing...... I'm just handling them differently. If we're meant to be, then we'll have a VERY interesting story to tell to our grandkids (or, they could just read this blog). If we're not, then I'll have learned a lot.

Anyways, for the first time in my life, I have more than one "prospect." I use that term extremely loosely.

The current front runner? Fun Distraction.

Lately, we've been hanging out. A lot. And, we are flirty. And, slightly on the touchy-feely side (not at work).

And, people are starting to take notice.

To the point that he came to me this morning and said, "Hey, I've had several people ask if we're together."

Me -"Really? Who?"

FD - "M and L, for starters."

Me - "Yeah, C asked me the same thing."

Apparently, there are vibes and people are starting to pick up on them. People in the office...... and people who don't even know us.

Office romances aren't a rare thing. Especially in radio.

It's really hard to find someone who can understand the workload, the weird hours, the personalities, etc. Shoot..... It's hard to find someone NOT in radio (or somehow related to it) because all I do is work.

So, really, it should be no surprise that the front runner is someone who is also in radio.

Which brings me back to this morning's convo...........

See, we've talked about our other prospects. Again, I use that term loosely......... "other prospects" being other singles who may or may not have an interest and in whom we may or may not have an interest. We've kind of established that there's no one (on either side) that sticks out. That anyone that mentioned or seen isn't someone that can be considered "a thing."

Until today, however, we've never talked about the possibility of "us."

More like danced around the possibility.

Things like.........

"I mean, we're friends and we like hanging out together."

"It would be bad if things didn't work out and then we hated one another.We'd still have to work together."

"It is what it is."

"Sure, we're touchy-feely. A lot. But, that's just us, right?"

"I mean, I'm not opposed to something, but I'm not necessarily demanding it, either."

No actual discussion. Just broad statements like the above.

And, I've no clarity on the situation, at all. I don't have a clue what any of our conversations is supposed to mean. Is he interested and was gauging? Or, is he not interested and wanted to make sure I wasn't interested?

Bueller? Anyone?

One thing I know for sure........ I apparently am attracted to the ambiguous type.


Marianne said...

attempt 2 at getting this comment to post:

Ho.Ly. Crap. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON!! WAHHHHHHHHHH I hate being out of the loop :'( (Thought I fully blame myself for that problem). Sorry for being the most impossible person to get ahold of, and somehow being even worse at returning missed called. I think about you every day though and CANNOT wait to catch up and get the 411 on the latest happenings! Mostly so I can facebook stalk FD, let's be honest ;) Anyway, I am SO happy for you, because no one deserves love more than you, even if, all it is at the moment is, "just friends."

And my 2 cents-- "just friends" are never touchy-feely and flirty. There's always some underlying attraction. I'm very hopeful that both of you acknowledge that soon and move on from the "friends" title ;)

Love and miss you oodles, twin! I can't wait to catch up, but even more so, cannot wait to SEE YOU!!!!! I plan on spending a day/night in Lakeland/Safety Harbor, fyi :)

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

I fully support "office" romances!!! I met my man at my job and it was the same thing "we work together" ect ect. but now we have been together for 1.3 years ;) :)

erin. said...

Really hoping that this fun distraction ends up being so much more for you. It sure sounds like its becoming that way!! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Oh my goodness...bow chicka bow wow! :) Hope this works out girly!